Childhood Sweeties

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, May 28, 2008.

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  1. BBC News

    Seems like we cant get enough of our favorite sweets from yesteryear and they could be coming back on the shelves.

    Whats your favorite from past times?

    Are you a Spangles fan,miss your Marathon or prefer to suck a Fishermans friend?
  2. Used to love the Spangles Acid Drops :happy3:

    I dont miss the Old English flavour ones though :pukel:
  3. they have changed starburst back to opal fruits now thank god
  4. I still like sucking my Fisherman's Friends. Now Spangles bring back memories, Opal fruits and Sherbet dips. Wagon Wheels were nice dunked in cocoa!
  5. Wagon Wheels when they where bigger than your face, not the little stabaliser wheels you now get (they are way smaller than they where) also Marathons (now called Snickers) I also loved Spangles and Pan Drops. Parma violets where pretty good as well
  6. Fry's chocolate sandwich was yummy. Never liked spangles myself they were too 'crackly' I could then and still can eat Mars Bars until they come out of my ears ... :thumright:
  7. i used to love jolly ranchers remember them? awesome sweets but lethal choking hazards !
  8. Proper jaw breaking toffee ... not like the shite they sell nowadays. I was also a spangles fan.

    And speaking of wagon wheels v stabiliser wheels ... I think we probably all remember sweets being much bigger, tastier and longer lasting that their current versions but this may have something to do with the fact that we were all considerably smaller than we are now.

  9. Disagree on that one! The Mars Bar was reduced long before I got bigger.

    Then behold a few years later out came the giant size to help us along over Dartmoor!

    Could they have been special issue or old stock??

    I was hooked on think the name was Viral that syrup type teeth rotting stuff, that and rose hip syrup.
  10. Does anyone remember a substance called Spanish Wood? It was available just after the war when sweets were in short supply.

    It looked something like the old wooden Rawplugs, tasted of liquorice, and turned the inside of the mouth and lips yellow.

    The reason I ask is that my two Grand sons think that I am having them on.

  11. The Spanish wood can still be bought in herbalists.
  12. Try the chemist
  13. Liquorice root? get it from the freaky food shops like Cloggie and Fruitbat :dwarf:
  14. Spanish Root - nectar of the Gods. Proper sweets were still rationed when I was a kid, so sucking on that was a Godsend until the next batch of coupons became available.
  15. ...midget gems . :hungry:
  16. The only proper sweets I had during/after the war was what the merchant navy men bought back with them from New York. When sweets came off the ration I eventually conned 3p off my old Ma but by the time I got to the shop they had sold out of literally everything! Scarred me for life as I took up smoking buttends instead!
  17. sherbert dips - me and a mate used to bet each other fro conkers that we couldnt empty the whole packet into our mouths in a oner and keep our lips together,

    cue versuvius from our gobs, 10pence well worth wasting
  18. ??????? 6d ! :dwarf:
  20. Treets... melt in the mouth not in the hand. (unlike somethings)

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