Child Soldiers ????????????????

My Son was lucky (Or Unlucky !!) enough to be the youngest lad on HMS Exeter at Xmas,so they done the PR bit of him carring the Xmas tree on board whilst in Gus.

The Local rag down here was sent the photo and published the usual PR Speel about him and me etc.

Last week someone wrote the a reply about there thoughts on a lad of his age being on a warship.See what you think,Ive wrote a very diplomatic reply to the Paper but really I wanted to say what F**king Planet are you living on ****** !!

Letter is as follows:

I was appalled you considered it acceptable to glorify child soldiers with the story and photograph (You can see it on the Exeter Website ) "Enter the Tree Bearer "

As a 17 year old boy serving aboard a British warship may not participate in the democratic voting process, secure a mortgage to buy a house,may not indulge in a Homosexual relationship or even buy a beer,yet can be involved with the unleashing of weapons of mass destruction on innocent civillians.
This is counter to UN regulations,yet the UK goverment blatantly disregards basic human rights by sending young people, essentialy children with no legal rights, into battle.
HMS Exeter carries convential non nuclear cruise missile (?????)which can rain down upon cities causing "collaterall damage".This young person is a victim of a militaristic system that condems violence within its own shores yet finds it acceptable to occupy a foreign territory by force using militia below the age of consent.
The Judaeo-Christian ethos of "Blessed are the Peacemakers"shows massive duplicity,with Anglican Bishops sitting in an unelected legislature supporting imperialistic activity under a head of both the state and established orthodox religion,who is also supreme commander of the armed forces.

The boy may be lauded for aspiring to a career,but is it morally legitimate ?

Signed Joby Akira.
Nicks please post a link to this rubbish so that I may post a reply to his drivel

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to your son :)
Yeah I can't find any reference to it either which is a bummer. It would've been nice if a few of us had sent messages of support for your son and drowned out that git.
I wonder what Mr Akira would have thought of my class ('62) being told that we were 'hired killers' on 15s (75p) per week ? :lol:


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What a load of bollox from this guy Akira!!
But i was interested to learn that the Exeter carries "non nuclear cruise missiles" which can rain down on cities causing "collateral damage"....boy oh boy what is this guy on???? :evil: :evil:
The British Government fully complies with its treaty obligations under Protocol I and Protocol II to the Geneva Conventions and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to which we are signatories, it is therefore not "counter to UN regulations" and the complainant is also incorrect is saying that a 16 cannot legally have a "Homosexual relationship".

The Royal Navy like any other employer should be able to recruit people straight out of school, and they are all volunteers for a long-term career.

Sixteen-year-olds also need parental permission to join, and will be well past their 17th birthday before joining the frontline. Reasonable steps are taken, where there are exceptional risks, such as conducting armed sentry or transit of the Suez canal, for service personal that are under the age of 18.

Any comparison between Britain's policy and the situation in places like Sierra Leone are absurd, and are a diversion from the real issue of "Child Soldiers".


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slim said:
stumpy said:
I think we can say that he has obviously never been onboard a Type 42!! :roll:
Probably safe to say that he is a complete cu*t. Bet he hasn't been near a shower for a while either. Seems he is a councillor, wonder if there were a shortage of candidates and he got in by default?
Just found it

Looks like he topped the list on votes then!! ******.. :evil:


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Though it states that he is a councillor so far I have been unable to find him winning any of the elections. The most votes I can find for him is 15. So how did he get to be on the council?
Can anyone else find out as I have been unsuccessful so far?
Thats the fella !!

He has decided to move East and sponge of the like of me now it seems

He actually gives his address as Dinsdale Gardens,Rustington,West Sussex
and looking at the last link someone has posted on here,it looks like you have his E mail address and phone number!!
Here is a copy of the letter to the Local paper I have written in response to the Hippies Letter;

As the father of the so called "Child Soldier I was interested to read Joby Akira's letter.

Although he is entitled to his opinion in this matter I think he needed to get a few facts correct before writing his letter,
The first being that HMS Exeter does not carry Cruise Missiles and also that a serving member of the Armed forces cannot serve in a Combat/War Zone until they are 18.
Also the main aim of the Armed Forces is to be a Detterent to any Country thinking about attacking and British Principalities around the Globe,not an aggressor.

It is people like my son and countless other people's sons going back to the First World War who choose to have a career in the Armed forces that keep these shores free from Facism /Terrorism and also clean from drugs to the best of there ability and are willing to put there lives on the line if needed.

But the most important thing is that they allow us to retain the freedom of speech which Joby Akira has opted to use.

As a footnote my other son has just joined the Army,so look out Joby Akira !!

Signed "An Ex Child Soldier"

I think I am quite polite in the matter and I know my boy has replied as well,but he wouldnt tell me what he has written,but I will find out on Thursday when the papers published !


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The Navy PR people should invite him onboard HMS Exeter and show him round. Seriously it might do a lot of good.


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stumpy said:
The Navy PR people should invite him onboard HMS Exeter and show him round. Seriously it might do a lot of good.
Great idea, perhaps he could then be shown the error of his ways :evil:

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