Chilcot Enquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Naval_Gazer, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Watched a little on Sky News ........ mealy mouthed political waffle as per usual.
    No sincerity, apart from the usual practised words.

  2. Tory blogger Iain Dale said it pretty well:

    Once again the panel of lightweights has barely penetrated the surface of the issues, allowing him to get away with some quite shocking memory lapses and some blatant lies. They have subjected him to a depth of questioning akin to that of a toddler's paddling pool. This is all one big waste of money!
  3. For all his faults, Brown gives the impression of having mastered his subject rather well. He has certainly shown a surprisingly detailed knowledge of dates, places, war aims, peace aims (frustrated by the Americans), tactics and necessary modifications to equipment; even the 'hot and high' requirement for helos operating in Afghanistan.
  4. This makes the fact that he seemed to be unable to recall or was unsure of SO MUCH in the build up to war that much more unbelievable! He directed the questioning from the start and was allowed to do so, the inquiry was taken right round the houses and missed their opportunity to ask questions on a number of areas. A total joke!
  5. Brown is clever- make no mistake.

    What really grips my shit is his insistence on satisfying all UORs. The fact that a UOR is issued infers there is inadequate kit in theatre. So stating you fulfill them all admits there were deficiencies in the first place. Noone has picked up on this yet.

    It's hard to know who annoys me more- Brown et al or the Stop the War lunatics who just want us all to have a group hug, pat eachother on the back and say "there there- it'll all be ok".
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  6. A complete whitewash and disgusting waste of taxpayers money, still what else did we expect.
  7. BBC News - Deal reached on release of 'gist' of Blair-Bush Iraq talks
    Oh good it's only taken 4 years(so far) it might even get published this year. But not, it seems, until it's been sanitised and made fit for public consumption. I may be being over cynical but will we be any nearer getting to know what really went on during the lead up to the second Iraq War when the report does break cover. This old sailor is not holding his breath.
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  8. Chilcot inquiry: Sir John Major urges Tony Blair to reveal George Bush conversations - Politics - News - London Evening Standard

    Fair points, I think. This is the man who could have supported the eventual Iraq clusterf**ck in '91 but had more sense.
  9. I wonder if UKIP would release the whole lot uncensored (if they ever get in power)?
  10. I think they would need the Septic's permission.
  11. The Chilcot enquiry was a British paid for enquiry, funded by the tax payer, WTF have the yanks got to do with it?
  12. Blair was writing private letters to Bush and vice versa so if you're going to publish the letters from a non UK resident you need their agreement and that of their government. Knowing what George the idiot said in public do you really think we're going to be let see his private ramblings. I'm not saying it's right but merely being pragmatic.
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  13. Well perhaps we should just publish Blairs leeters to Bush, that will make the bstrd squirm
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  14. And give his wife extra income when we get sued for violating his 'uman rights!
  15. Surely, letters written by the PM in his official capacity belong to the state, and are therefore not subject to privacy legislation, so the witch could foxtrot oscar

  16. It's the content of private letters that are being censored, Blair is too slippery to put any damning evidence in an official letter.
  17. chimp2.png
    In light of this weeks news from Iraq. Here's another nice mess you've gotten us into.
  18. Saddam Hussein was a complete bastard who gave dictators a bad name, but it now appears, he was the glue that held Iraq together. Ridding the world of a nasty dictator and bringing democracy and peace to a troubled region were the aims. Only the first part was achieved and 10 years on great swathes of the middle east are in ruins, anarchy reigns and sectarian wars rage.
    Mission accomplished????????
  19. The results of recent conflicts only enforce my views that Muslim countries can only be successful ruled by hard talking hard ruling dictators.
    I know that Muslims are not a race however they act like one and as such only seem to respect absolute power

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