Chief of Defence Staff Warns Over Military Expectations

BBC News

The new chief of the defence staff has warned that armed forces cuts mean the UK will have to lower expectations of its military capability in future.
General Sir Nick Houghton said many service personnel had been left feeling "cynical and detached" by the cuts.

Gen Houghton said in an interview for MoD magazine Defence Focus he would do more to listen to their concerns.

The general also talked of the need to cut down on bureaucracy and change the culture within defence.
Gen Houghton said he planned to be "honest, straight talking and supportive" to those working in defence, in times he described as "quite difficult for many of them".
He said there was scope for better internal and external communications - and the MoD had risked people becoming cynical and detached from what defence was trying to do.

A wise observation from a man in a brown uniform. Will he now be looking sensibly at force balance?

BBC News - Chief of defence staff warns over military expectations
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Lantern Swinger
It makes a pleasant change for a still serving senior officer to stick his head above the parapet & state the bloody obvious truth.

No future house of lords position for him me thinks!