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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Here's a nice insight into our friend Chicogiz. He and I have just had a conversation. I think he likes me. I also think he is a lying tit. He's in CIC training to be a Para apparently, except he isn't. As we find out:

    Chicomong (hereforth referred to as "C")
    i f***ed a girl in her rectum
    like 2 weeks ago
    and it burns when i piss
    likely outcome?

    Me (referred to as "M"
    f*** off you mong

    HHope you know i didntg fail cause of ironing
    you TWAT

    Don't care, you still failed you pathetic loser

    Your mongtiger

    Bore off you retarded poof

    Thank f*** i failed
    You old TWAT

    And you are a shit civvy who cant even pass a course that 6 stone girls can. Killing yourself is the only option.

    Infantry for me
    ive already passed para selection for that
    Im off to training this year
    your sweaty old f***

    Very funny, you didn't even get out of Raleigh you dribbling cumrag. I know Bipolar 16 year old fat girls who made it further than you.

    sucking off the po maybe
    Im glad i failed how the navy is turning out. About 28 passed in my class
    about 20 left now

    Sucking off the PO? Even that didnt work for you you shit cunt

    Navy sounds good to me
    ..... not the stupid gov has wrecked the navy i once wanted to serve

    No, you failed. It's not the governments fault. It's yours. You meaningless tart.

    You still in the navy?
    You glad of your service which no cares what your doing?

    I couldn't give a f***. I get paid lots of money to kill people.

    in the navy?
    Join the infantry

    Yes. The Navy you couldn't get into.

    I could

    Well, you didn't did you?

    All i needed was a letter explaining there was a mark that the drying machine put on my shirt and them marks dont come out i would of passed
    If i went again id piss on it

    No you wouldn't, you'd fail again for being a dirty little cunt

    but im not going again
    im going to do a job where im the boots on the ground
    making the difference
    And seeing the difference for myself

    Yep, working as a binman. You won't last 2 minutes at Catterick.

    already been there for 2 mins you cunt

    already been there 2 minutes? You said you were training later this year you lying cunt.

    Conversation ends..........
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  2. Incoming from Chico.

    I didnt put all that what monti put there
    just to say
    he changed it abit'
  3. G: Ha ha, you got dicked by Monty

    C: no

    G: Yes

    C: LMAO

    C: He changed it around abit

    G: No he didn't

    G: So when you off to Catterick?

    C: im not

    G: Thought so.
  4. More mong dribble

  5. Changed it my arse, the only bit I missed out was a boring bit about how he has an ace job where he get's to go to Benidorm, Magaluf and various other hit places in the med.

    He's not replying to me now. I want to know when he get's his jump wings.
  6. It's been a while since I've seen some proper internet bullying.

    Let's try and make this one count eh lads?
  7. Premier League has kicked off early, do keep up.
  8. Probably when he launches himself out of the council house top floor flat because you outed the pathetic cnut. Why do these sad bastards pretend they are the next Rambo?? Maybe an interview with the Fairyjob mother might help
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  9. Is this the same Chico who says he's joining up (again) on the 6th of November so he can tell all the others how tough Raleigh was "back in his day" ?
  10. Observe why he failed, you couldn't (and I didn't) make it up:

  11. Me and Tommo supported AND encouraged him when his news broke, backstabbing little twat, that is why I outed the cnut.
  12. More shite,

    backstabbed when?
  13. Para training walt evidence:

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  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's something of real beauty, how could anyone, nay anything, except a prize pus filled retard, fail Raleigh for laundry mistakes, and then feel the need to blame it on the machine!:laughing2:

    All i needed was a letter explaining there was a mark that the drying machine put on my shirt and them marks dont come out i would of passed
    If i went again id piss on it"

    All I needed was..<insert as appropriate>:slow:
    A letter from my mam telling my DO I am a mong
    A letter from my mam telling my DO i've always been faceally incontinent
    A letter from my mam telling my DO I always dribble when I suck in the community at its finest.
  16. He's not playing now. Let's send him drawings of penises.
  17. Your move Chico
  18. I was so fuckin tempted to come in with a smarty pants reply there.
    But then I remembered I just got thrown out of one thread, and was mortified.
    For ten minutes.
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  19. Chronic insomnia one night so logged on for a read, check who is online, Chico, he immediately spills the beans about his change of preference, never answered the cunt cos I was enjoying a tab, to quote someone whose opinion I value, 2DD, '' brutally honest'', from my memoirs thread/ legend of the month, who is fucking lying ?.
  20. WTF have you been you cunt, call yourself an oppo.

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