Chicojizz’s Very Own Bucket of Shit.

I thought I'll come along and say hi, who's missed me? My life is amazing at the moment. Flipping burgers was never on my mind and I knew I could do better so I went to KFC instead. Joking aside, hey everyone and it's good to see some old names still about.


War Hero
Spill the beans Chico , you tried and failed RN and Army training , have you been head hunted by Air Soft Platoon ?.
I've never done army training. Navy yes I failed. Shame on re applying and think having to get a inhaler has failed me there. Life could not be any better, I guess things happen for a reason. It's funny coming across old post and some of the spackers who are still here.
It was spacker fee until you rocked up all prodigal son-like.
The prodigal son was welcomed back Seadog. This would be more akin to the previously unknown fruit of Your overactive loins, from a long forgotten run ashore in Simonstown suddenly rocking up at Your door,enquiring about inheritance or backdated support payments...;)


War Hero
Take no notice of any jibes on here chico, you are better than that.

Are you still offering HM Forces discount on the full valet?
Right now I work really closely to the armed forces. I'm off to the Caribbean in 2 weeks and just got back from the middle-east. Then I'm away in July. I'm loving life at the minute, I get to take my family as well which is great. Air soft platoon is great.

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