Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JakeTonge, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. This guy is an absolute throbbing ring-piece, why is he alive? After failing Raleigh when it's a piece of piss and now reapplying to become a WS. You really are a failure at life. That is all..
  2. Raleigh a piece of piss ?, at least Chico had a go, yes he fessed up but is prepared to learn by his mistakes and have another crack.
  3. I might often find him infuriating but it take guts to held your hands up and admit you made a mistake. Also takes more guts to then go back and have a nother crack at it. Good luck to him I say
  4. I agree with you scouse, I mean what's to say all of us still waiting will pass. Although I hope we do after waiting all this time!!!!
  5. Jake I do assume you are in a position to comment ?
  6. Having taken a look at Jake the Mongs previous posts I am of the opinion that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle.
    Chico jizz has at least attended Raleigh, failed and is preparing to give it another go. he also had the guts to return to RR and take all the flack (deserved of course) that was given. He took it on the chin and did not throw his toys out of the pram.
    Jake the Mong on tother hand has never walked through Raleighs hallowed gates, nor heard and responded to the low dulcet tones of our beloved Chief GIs. He is a non sailor, a non participant and should wind his neck in until he has proven himself capable of passing out of Raleigh at least.
  7. Apologies for using my brother's account but it was already logged in. I am in the position to comment and did find Raleigh easy. Jake uses this site has help for when he joins and there's people on here i.e ChicoJizz that just takes the piss.. Help out your oppo Chico, rule number one..
  8. Well for starters use your own account if you are going to slag anyone off.
    Secondly having just perused your previous posts you are as big a mong as your brother, possibly bigger, so you found Raleigh a piece of piss, many others struggle, some fail and never return others have the guts to try again.
    I take it that you are now in the elevated position of a part 2 trainee, not really in a position to dish out crap, try again when you have a couple of ships under your belt.
  9. I'm on my second ship at the minute anyways. Cheers. The Portland is the worst ship in the fleet, safers.
  10. I must have missed something.
  11. So the Fleet is down to just the two ships now eh, Oh Grasshopper of vast experience?

    Wrong user name BTW - Surely yours should be 'wheniwason......'

  12. Sprogs gobbing off ? Oh dear.
  13. He aint a sprog, he's been in the RN for thirteen months so he hasn't reached the exalted position of sprog yet.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
  14. Well I can see this thread turning into one to watch just waiting for a few more of the regulars to get a whiff of this!
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  16. Sorted that for you, no need for thanks, safers
  17. I never thought that I would ever come to the defence of Chicojizz but at last he can hand over the title of RR Biggest Throbber.
    Pool Chimp is a worthy successor.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  19. We may even have a contender for .................

  20. Don't bother yourself Sol.


    If even J_D's revered and heroic brother chose to ignore him then perhaps we should, too.

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