Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Smudge184, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Newsflash........Chico is now MR Chico after not achieving the required standard on his 5th attempt at his DTO kit inspection...Shame. Be warned Newbies, only the best will make it!!
  2. Yes thats right, he is no longer a member of the Royal Navy
  3. I always thought kit inspections were also a way to get rid of the crap, if they dont want you there but you havent really done much wrong they can always use the kit inspections.
  4. Snitch
  5. Makes room for someone who is interested and motivated :lol:
  6. I thought he'd been promoted to WO at first glance...
  7. I take it being backclassed, sorry "training extended", 2 days ago didn't help then.
  8. I can't be arsed to trawl through my 4000 previous posts but, I believe I may have mentioned to young Cheeksofjism that he stood no chance.

    I am, always, right.

    Ha ha ha.
  9. I think majority of us had thought the same.
    but its still a shame if he could have hacked it he may have became a better man for it

    but since its chico and he is no doubt viewing this scared to comment in case of ridicule..

  10. But will he come back on here as Chicojizz, assume another name or just disappear???
  12. So?, no-one in his class was willing to give a hand and point him in the right direction (even after five attempts) and offer advice - not even the Class Instructor (seems to say much about his powers of Instruction doesn't it) ?

    Even in the mighty G Spot, they were more helpful than that !

    Obviously life has changed in the Andrew since I left, and says much for comradeship and being a mate, doesn't it?

    And of the comments made , it seems that all of you must have had exceptionally smart Kit lay-outs every time......... ??
  13. Whitemouse that could've been the case but then you could have the opposite, he was given all the help he could possibly be offered without someone doing it for him yet he either didn't accept the help or just couldn't help himself.

    After 5 attempts and being told where he was going wrong by the pick ups, something wasn't being done!
  14. You know all that for a fact do you??? Not only did Ganges teach me how to do a kit muster it also taught me not to jump to conclusions.
  15. Thank god it has changed, you throbber. He was clearly gash, dry your eyes.

    Trainees are given every chance to reach the required standard, most of the time above and beyond what is considered reasonable. To fail at that stage speaks volumes of the trainee, not the trainer.
  16. If he came across to his instructors and his oppos as he did to most of us on here i wouldnt be suprised if he didnt get any help.
    Maybe it was his lack of personality or the inability to recieve rather than transmit now and again that failed him.
  17. Boom boom boom boom....another one bites the dust.... 8O
  18. I hope the shame makes him kill himself.
  19. I guess the military lifestyle was not for him. As i dont wish anyone to fail, but for gods sake, i was not the perfect recruit at the time, but five attempts is a bit of a piss take considering everytime you fail they tell you what needs to improve, what needs to be done etc which leads me to to think that he was not taking any of the comments on board, and just carried on regardless.

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