Chicken Supper Bobby?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Guzzler, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Really, really fed up right now. Just been laid off at short notice.

    Obviously been down the pub for a few and didn't think I could be cheered up but chanced upon 'Hunger' about slim Bobby Sands on the telly.

    Makes it a bit easier for a day.
  2. Guzzler, is this temp or could be permanent ?, just before crimbo aswell.

    Life is a bitch sometimes.
  3. As it stands I may be 'redeployed', but feel I've been shifted for 'political' reasons so it still stings. Basicially it's job hunt in the spring which gives me some time, but still a bit of a bummer.

    I hate civvies.

    Thanks for the comments though Sterling.
  4. Sorry to hear fella.

    I hope you find something to keep you a float once more
  5. You’re in the hands of yet another Tiger Team then? That letter is really informative and helpful, isn’t it. I really do sympathise. Last Thursday, I was called down to the Sturmbannfurer’s office to be informed that 2 of my lads were the proud owners of chopped jobs. Passing on the glad news was not my idea of fun, particularly as the decision process had taken place at Flag level with no requests for impact statements. Still, numbers is numbers.
  6. What was your trade in the mob and do you live near London?

    If you have experience with shooters, i.e have done a small arms maintainers course as a minimum, I know a man who can sort you out with a proper gucci job.
  7. It was a girl's job 2_deck, so I don't talk about it much.

    Shooters? Yeah, a little bit of experience, though I've never seen life ebb away due to my actions. Yet.

    Thanks for the comments chaps, it was more a weak attempt at humour than a cry for sympathy, but appreciated.

    Off to town for cider and solicitors now.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mate. If you want some of these tossers roughed up, just let me know. I've just seen the credit card bill and i'm looking to murder someone.
  9. Thought the thread title may grab your eye Blackrat - it was based on a ditty a Guardsman oppo of mine in the early 90's used to warble after a few beers.

    With you on the slaughter though. Pain of other people, preferably managers (but hey, who's fussy?) is at the forefront of my mind this evening. I've got the fertiliser in, but dets are hard to come by.

    2 Deck - sorry if I appeared flippant, I didn't appreciate at the time that your post was serious and was reprimanded for it today over a pint by a fellow RR poster. Thanks though. I'll fire them. Can't mend them.
  10. Could you go a chicken supper Bobby Sands? etc etc.

    The total failure by the PIRA to capture the worlds attention is proved by the fact that not many people even know 9 other ******s died. Let alone name em. GOOD. Sands is only remembered because he was the first.
  11. Well, yes. I agree.

    Not sure of your point, but despite my general yoghurt-knitting, tree-shagging lefty-liberal do-gooding views, I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of that murdering cnut dying in pain.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It was sung to the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain" IIRC.

    Chin up Guzzler mate. It will work out in the end. :thumbleft:
  13. Cheers General.

    It will indeed. :thumbleft:
  14. Dinna worry, Guzzlingtons - A job is just a job.....

    Being a Matelot/Bootneck is for LIFE. Work at it!!

  15. The intention was to work a tit tonight, but her hubbie's changed his shift hours.

    Not my week really.
  16. Guzzlings,

    I have just consulted your horoscope for next week, it said:

    "Your best friend will change sex - Step in, Oppo."

    .............................Always look on the bright side of life.............. 8)
  17. Hmm, yes, you are scaring me a bit now.

    Are you mental or at a high level of satire?
  18. The man at Lympstone said many years ago. Nothing lasts forever always remember that!!

    Twenty two years and was told go get your cheque you are finished. Try explaining that to the wife!!

    Last place I worked at you have been here ten years hate to see you go. No actually I have only been here four it just feels like ten. Did you ever go for a job interview and think. No way do I want to work here!!!!! Luck would have it I was out yomping for two days before they offered me the job. So that was two days I never worked at that shite hole. But it was local.

    I am convinced the gypsy life is the best life free to roam the planet helping those in need of a well tiled roof,replacement guttering, tarmac drive. All work guaranteed twenty years. See driver for details in van No9.
  19. Sadly, Both.

    But I am also a silly old B who sometimes cares about others and tries to cheer them up a bit.....
  20. Cheers BOOTWUP - my apologies, I was having trouble understanding many things last night. :)

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