And wheres thr surprise ? She's been screwing this nation for years why do you think B-liar had so many human rights laws passed. so his fcking wife could defend the minority and earn a fortune doing it.
She`s ugly enough, all she needs is a pot of "Old Walnut"wood stain and she`ll pass. I`m assuming its for the 2012 Olympics ,but what event :?:


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Hmm, so she's a lawyer who specialises in human rights issues. This is a human rights issue. Can anyone tell me where's the story..?! :roll:
Taking personalities out of it, the abbo's have had a crap deal since Cookie landed at Botany Bay.... and no amount of compo can eradicate the ethnic cleansing and baby snatching that the 'civilised' world imposed upon the indiginous populace. And we whinge about the muslims wanting to impose their ways upon us !.. She may be the moll of a war criminal, and she's 'high profile' and she could use her 'expertise' getting compo for our own Christmas Island victims of Atomic testing... but this is more...rock 'n roll..... just about sums her up !
It appears that servicemen at the nuclear tests in Australia were issued with the "Standard protective clothing" of the time namely hat, sunglasses, shorts and flip flops the locals had to make do with only a loin cloth.

The incidence of melanomas among the local population is far lower than that suffered by the Test Veterans. Therefore she should be representing the TV`s for not being issued with more protective loincloths :?

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