Cherie Blair...would you?

Cherie Blair...would she get it?

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O er, Hard question that one, never looked at her and thought hmmm yes, I could just slip the bone in her!!!!!!!, depends on how many pints it would take me, Question for you Blobby, does she have a pulse and is she alive ?
Only ten pints are you mad man, would need to be bullet proof to do that trog of a woman, we are talking at least that in an hour, maybe even a yard of ale thrown in for good measure !!
stirling said:
You would only need 8 pints of your fav tipple RB....Theakstons Old Peculiar.. :lol:
I would feel very Peculiar, porking that , ok you have convinced me to give it a go, where is she ???, here Cherie darling, come to daddy :D


War Hero
as nutty has I've seen her up close and NOOOOOOOO! not even with yours Bob.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 pints in an hour would put me unconcious:) (quite possibly dead!) so she could have her wicked way with me then.......but theres no dit value there...........

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