Cheri Blair "Close Prisons"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Cheri blair wants to close prisons in a report to parliament.
    Presumably before Tony gives "smoking gun evidence
  2. That's a bad link, try this.
  3. Many thanks. Jimmy
  4. Is it Cheri Blair or Cherie Booth? The link JG provides states it's the later
  5. They are one and the same. Her father (Booth) was the actor who played
    in the Alf Garnett series.
  6. So I see, why didn't they just write Cherie Blair then? lol
  7. Or Mrs frog faced, letter box mouthed fcuktard for short!!!

    Believe me she's even uglier in real life!! 8O 8O 8O
  8. ...the double bag came off ? :)
  9. It was a 4 bag job oppo

    One on her swad, one on mine and 2 on my cock for protection from swine fever!!! 8O
  10. I think she has a point. The UK puts far more people in prison than any other country, bar the U.S.
    I can't imagine they all deserve to be there, old ladies who won't pay their council tax etc.
    Get caught avoiding paying the fare on the Barcelona transport system and you have to wear a dayglo jacket, and give advice to the travelling pax. A much better way of doing it than locking someone up surely?
    Why put people into a drug infested den of criminals, with HIV infection rates through the roof, when you can name and shame them in a much more public manner.
    A significant proportion of prisoners have deep physcological problems, many are inarticulate and uneducated, why lock them up? How about giving them a bit of support and a lot of hope.
    I'd say get rid of at least 50 percent of prisons and try some proper, concentrated support and education.
    But that wouldn't satisfy the baying masses would it! And their cow towing politicos.
  11. The problem is that we don't send them for long enough. If the right people were there, for the right length of sentence, there might be some element of deterrence. We need the Septic approach, as meted out to Madoff (what a superb name for someone who actually made off with the cash!).

    If our crims were to be sent to prison for 150 years, or life, whichever is the sooner, just think how many scum would die where they should.

    Having said that, I don't want the Frog woman to have any effect or influence on our society. She took the benefits of being married to a thieving liar, so she should think hard before talking of prison!
  12. My belief is that we put more in prison than any other country is because our prisons are full of repeat offenders who find life inside too comfortable.
    Make the prison regime harder an stricter. The cells more spartan and the work harder.
  13. Yeah mate, whip 'em and beat 'em, serve them gruel, throw their children into the work house. Their wives destined for the gin traps of Shoreditch. Or, perhaps ship them off to the Barbadoes!
    Mind you I think a few clubs in London would be sueing over the first two issues :lol:
    I've never been in a prison but cannot imagine for one moment they are the height of luxury some people say.
    I know there are some prison ex/prison warders on this site, and feel sure they would give us a fairly graphic descriptions of what these places are really like.
    Bear in mind that many were built more than one hundred years ago, and the basic facilities would not have changed that much.
    I don't say not to put truly deserving cases behind bars, but again cannot imagine they all need to be there.
  14. Sussex
    Like you I have never been encarcerated or detained at Her Majesties Pleasure.
    However a regime similar to the old Detention Quarters or Colchester Military prison would I believe work wonders.
    I am not talking from experience but having served with a few who had a visit over the wall they were non to keen to repeat the experience. :p

    As for beating the prisoners I am sure that we could find many ex nuns and Christian Brothers willing to help :oops:
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Spot on Slim. The catch at the moment is that prison is not a deterrent to repeat offending; repeat offenders should have a very spartan regime & diet, solitary confinement etc so that they fear prison more than common or garden death (which means they need a taste of it for the first weeks of a first offence so that they know what they are in for for a very long time if they offend again once they are outside. One thing that seems to have gone wrong is treating prisoners with 'respect'. They are criminals and should be made to feel how society despises them. Rehabilitation should only follow real punishment.
  16. Well, the lashing and beating has become unpopular elsewhere, so the good brothers will need to keep their hand in :lol:
    If I had confidence in the justice system, so much so that only those genuinely guilty were sentenced, then I may agree with you.
    As far as I understand a significant proportion of those found guilty, are in fact innocent. There is no automatic right of appeal, something common in other countries. Only if you can prove the case was mishandled is there generally any hope of an appeal. In addition you may not be granted parole unless you admit your guilt; something not easy I am sure if in fact you are not guilty.
    Perhaps the entire justice sytem needs to be radically overhauled to make it more 'user friendly', more open to admitting its' mistakes. I would want that before I could have much more faith in it.
    Could it be that some of the light sentences are handed down by judges who can fully appreciate that the person in the dock, does not truly deserve to be there. The sentences are their chance to make up for the inneficiency of the general justice system. I'd take a fair punt that this is sometimes the case.
    Above impression gleaned from a relative closely involved with the justice system.
  17. Sussex 2 is quite entitled to his point of view. As I am to disagree. After 21 years in every classification of jail in England and Wales.[ And I was not a "Warder" That is like calling a Royal a solider];- I was A prison officer discipline[on the landings] and a dog handler specialising in explosive detection . Also tornado riot control trained. The most trauma I experienced in the Andrew was when they called last orders at 2050 hrs. in Greenock , but I earned every cent in the service!I will agree that I've dealt with some very sad cases that should never have landed in nick. But! not having a month to spare to relate all i know,these were in a big minority. The majority were lying winging trash. There is nothing romantic about the gangster[ And I've had a nose to nose with the Kray's ] Most are just cardboard gangsters, and I assure you that there are no "Hard men" waiting for a jury to return a verdict.Baby rapists I've dealt with the lot,granny bashers, loan shark scum;- I would bring back hanging and back date it to1964. I feel better now Rant over.None of them would have lasted an hour in the old D.Q.s
  18. In the US anyone could with a gun on their person without a permit gets ten to fifteen years in the slammer and a lot of hairies waiting in line.
    If found with a silencer as well, the sentence is mandatory life! as a silencer is used for one purpose only,execution or murder that is planned.
    Today in the paper a UK thug was found in possession of two pistols with silencers,he got three years and can be out in eighteen months!
    Now this silly cow and others want to abolish prisons,we need longer sentences to lock away this slime,time judges and the criminally inept Jack Straw sorted it out.
    The country knows that scum should be locked away.
  19. If this is what Cherie Booth/Blair is proposing you can bet there is a few quid in it for the legal profession.She and her QC chums will waffle all day about their clients bad start in life making a life of drugs, robbery and eventually murder inevitable.So a big cuddle and a handout from the taxpayer and he promises not to do it again.So much better than those horrible prisons with three square meals a day and a warm cell.
  20. On the subject of prison life, I recall recently reading a news article on the BBC web site of a Romanian bloke doing bird and telling his brother back home that life inside wasn't too bad. Consequently, the brother finds himself in the UK, rapes a British woman, gets caught, banged up, three square meals a day thank you very much....

    For those interested here's the link:

    Penal reform pressure group? I think they need their eyes opening. It is all very well thinking that by treating prisoners as though they have a high maturity level (Oh, my god, I learnt this on POLC\now SRCC) and saying that the loss of a prisoners freedom is enough punishment when, clearly it isnt.

    Jesse, I'd rate that rant 7/10 as there was no bad language but we are in Current Affairs and not Lils :)

    Edited to add linky and to change Albanian to Romanian.

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