Chelsea........ or........ Liverpool...

chelsea.... or ... liverpool

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Has to be Liverpool, I will enjoy seeing Moron-io dripping after the match! Chelsea may be better in the league but Rafa knows best in europe.
brigham600 said:
ukdaytona said:
I really couldnt give a flying fig.....
Then why bother posting. :roll:

Liverpool for me, even though I am a Gooner. Cannot stand Maureen O and his bunch of arrogant chavs at Chelski. :lol:
Why not, its an almost free country :p
My team aint playing but I guess with TV being the way it is the match will be shown on every possible channel whether live or 'highlights' being shown just after the newsreader who tells you the result
bloody hell, I can see that Im going to popular in this forum. I just hope its a good match, the last few between the two have been dire. And brigham600, firstly good morning, secondly were not all arrogant chavs. Surely were not going to be stereotypical are we, it is Liverpool after all.

Come on Chelsea, lets get the treble...
Liverpool, cos I think they have more chance of winning the competition.

Chelsea, cos I would like to see them win the lot this year.

And no, I dont support either team, or even someone in the premiership.


Lantern Swinger
What would you perfer to win the league or the european cup. Do you know what it feels like winning the european cup once never mind five times. :p :p
My team has won it twice and then crashed out.[/quote]

Your not a forest fan are you lol[/quote]

What if I am....... You got a problem with that ??
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