Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rachelthree, Oct 3, 2014.

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  1. Just a thought (not an important one just curious). My AFCO has asked several times if I would consider transferring my application to Chef (not pushing, just enquiring). And they said there was no wait, someone could be in before Christmas if applying now.

    Why is there a shortage? I would have thought Chef would have a fairly hefty wait, it offers a good trade that will get you a career outside- despite being extremely hard work in hot and cramped conditions always thought it would be popular. Is it that lots are leaving or just that more are required these days?
  2. Because most Chefs have been leaving the RN. Due to intense drafting and no actual job when drafted ashore. They were that short of chefs last year that the DLO on a 45 had to help out in the galley preparing meals. Also until Lusty decommissioned there was only 1 deployable Leading Chef not drafted to a seagoing unit. He worked for 2SL so he was safe from a sea draft.
  3. Sorry, I thought Engineering SRs were the only people who were fed up with the RN.....
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  4. Ah yeah I guess with ESS and Sodexo etc the shoreside jobs have been gobbled up. I worked as a steward for ESS a few years ago and wondered where all of the military chefs were, makes sense they have been shafted with back to back deployments etc. Its a shame they cannot come up with a solution, people leaving in droves and not being able to recruit enough- but who can blame them if the conditions are rubbish.
  5. There is a solution R3. Re'pusserise' all the shore establishments so that there is somewhere to employ chefs ashore. Apart from Catering Offices, TVO, Barrack guard Et al.
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  6. I know that Navy Command are actually looking into this. It's just a matter of investigating whether the contracts with Sodexho/Elior/ESS etc can be 'massaged' to include a clause of employing RN chefs and/or stewards. This is alongside enhancing existing Residences' Support Pools, or similar pools of catering manpower at the bases and air stations.
  7. I worked for ESS over 3 summers, once as a steward in the officers mess, once in the restaurant and once in the officers mess reception. Even over the few months each summer staff turnover was shocking, and except for managements from year to year the entire team bar one or two was different. I imagine minimum wage 'disposable' civvy warriors are cheaper in the short term which is why they did it, but at what real cost?

    A lot of the military as well were unimpressed as many of the staff seemed to forget it was their home; issues were never dealt with in a timely manner as they couldn't really be arsed. Having military chefs and stewards at a guess would benefit everyone. Except the finance department.
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  8. There was another call on the Chefs and Caterers fb page at the weekend, looking for chefs to rejoin. Taff L wanted to know if anyone has come across any problems in the careers office as the top brass wanted to know what was stopping people joining up. It seems that they will waiver almost anything to get chefs to rejoin!
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This is true.

    A knowledge of cooking is not essential for any Chef wishing to rejoin. :)
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  10. Would a chef who left because of the crap conditions and no shore jobs actually want to rejoin?
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    We are certainly not inundated with rejoins.

    Funnily enough the "9 month deployment solution to retention" is about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit. What we need is a bigger Navy & shore billets to permit more harmony time. FRI's alone are clearly not enough.
  12. Funnily enough, there seems like quite a lot of ex chefs who have decided that the grass isn't actually all that much greener :)
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  13. I know of at least two!

    And one of them's not me! :)
  14. Sorry NS, but I just popped my 'bullshit' cherry! :)
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  15. Although its probably the most true statement Navy Net has ever seen .
  16. Of course it is
  17. Why anyone would rejoin these days I shall never know. People are not happy and they are for once voting with their feet, instead of the infamous matelot we all know who always says he will bang his chit in.
  18. its pretty obvious to an outsider to the branch....

    I cannot remember the last time I saw a chef/steward working in their core job inboard.
    It must be years since...

    also, why on earth do you need stewards anyway...what a waste of time and money and a nod to the great navy/class system of yesteryear
  19. Why do you need SRs messes anyway? What a waste of time and money and a nod to the great navy/class system of yesteryear.
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