Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tristan, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. I am hoping to join the Navy as a chef I was wondering obviously chef's cook for both ratings and officers. Do you have top earn your right to cook in the ward room or is it just luck of the draw where you end up?

    Also I am on fourtnightly terstornone injections would this be a bar to enploymen in the RN?
  2. I take it you mean testosterone which has affected your spelling and grammar. It depends what your taking it for. ASK AT THE AFCO.

    On boats Cookie boys cook for all from one galley, I would imagine on a big ship the crap chef's would do the wardroom, after all you've got to live with everyone else you've given dysentry to :lol:
  3. Testosterone hasn't effected my spelling or grammer being a bit dimm has. I take it because my body doesn't produce any.

    Don't really fancy going on to boats the idea of other seamen bei ng i n my bunk puts me off a bit. :lol:
  4. Apparently it's the hardest course in the Navy...
  5. nobodys ever passed
  6. Don't really fancy going on to boats the idea of other seamen bei ng i n my bunk puts me off a bit.

    By boats do you mean submarines? Or the navy as a whole? If you don't liek boats as in boats I suggest you try a different career.

    Bend me over and ... some people.
  7. Splendid.

    Another expert.
  8. If your on the test, make good use of it and hit the gym.
  9. Care to elaborate Guzzler? You haven't actually made any comment on this article, if you'd like to point out that I'm wrong I'd gladly accept that however if you agree with me that not being able to share a room and not liking boats would make you a bit unsuitable for the navy ...
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The rough rule of thumb for all medical conditions is that the individual must be free from all treatment, outpatients & prescribed medicines for a set period of time.

    Angrydoc is best placed to elaborate with regard specific conditions.

    I heard on the grapevine that waiting time for Chefs has extended beyond 10 months, but haven't seen anything in writing yet.
  11. Different ships have different routines, generally as follows;
    Carriers have a main galley and a Wardroom
    Type 22s have a main galley and a Wardroom
    Pretty much all ither ships and boats (By boats, I mean submarines, as that is what they are refered to as) have one central galley which feeds 100% of the ships company. Additionally for those who excel, their are retinue billets where you will work for an Admiral and tour with him when CTG. I hope this helps
  12. Boat is well known slang for submarine. One imagines that the OP was referring to these particular craft as he didn't make refernce to any other vessel. However, the written word can often and quite easily be misunderstood and thus interpreted as having a different meaning all together. The only person that can now clear this mess up is the OP who may wish to elaborate further on what he means...
  13. :D ROTFLMFAO Classic, the old ones are the best!
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I assume that this is yet to happen? :wink:
  15. Though we have always taken the piss out of chefs, how many on here would like to roll back the calander to the days when the RN ran ALL the catering services both ashore and at sea?
    Pay as you starve really does show just how good our chefs and caterers really are :p
  16. Not sure about that.

    I did 25 years and never, ever shared a room whilst at sea. I also never served in any boats.

    I feel I was entirely suitable though.
  17. We'll I've got hypogonadism but stopped taking the testosterone, contrary to medical advice, as I found that it offered none of the promised benefits (feeling more alert, better concentration, less fatigue) whilst suffering all the detriments (which I cannot discuss in this family friendly forum ;) ).

    Without it I am at an increased risk of developing advanced osteoporosis but at a reduced risk, apparently, of developing testicular cancer. I still don't know if you can get cancer in bits that aren't there, but as I still get phantom pain down there, who knows? :lol:

    The risk of osteoporosis is reduced by taking weight bearing exercise - so running around with a .303 rifle above you head, doubling everywhere and transporting telegraph poles round the countryside (or do just pongos do that?) should help. There are a lot of myths about the efficacy of testosterone as the cure-all, including within the NHS. It helps some but not others - at least that is the case with Klinefelter syndrome, where many of us have stopped taking it completely and don't feel any different.

    Hypogonadism certainly wasn't a problem in the past. An oppo of mine with the same condition, joined the RN at 15 and did his dozen. He did enjoy his time in the G Spot though, with apparently lots of spells doubling up and down Laundry Hill.... so it may be linked with extreme masochism! ;) :lol:

    :giggle: .... :giggle: .... :giggle:
  18. :scratch: But they act as hot water bottles....! :p
  19. In that case I would like to tell you I tried to join the Irish Navy as a cook, but they already had one. 8O :D
  20. Yes boats as in submarines. Why would someone want to join the navy if they didn't like ships?

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