Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sophie, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Hey, I want to join the navy this year; medical assistant for my first choice, chef as my second choice... however the waiting lists for MA is so long (2years), I'm considering dropping that option and just applying for a career as a Chef, which leads me to my question(s):

    Does anyone know (even if roughly) the current waiting times for this role?

    Does anyone have experience in, or applying for a chef role within the navy, and would you be able to give me a few words of wisdom/bit of advice in this role both working and general lifestyle?

    and finally, within this role, how much time/opportunity is there to take part in sports? (I'm a keen rugby player, am learning how to snowboard and mountain bike in the summer)

    cheers guys and girls,

    Soph x

    p.s. I want to be a chef just as much as a medical assistant, so this is not an attempt to get in to the navy by whatever means possible, I understand that once in you cannot switch about job roles. If I choose to apply for chef, I would be looking to fully pursue a career as a chef :thumright:
  2. On the sport side of things.. The RN will give you every opportunity and indeed encourage you to play sport or take part in adventure training. In normal circumstances you'll be given time off for ships (or higher level) sport.
  3. If you are good at certain sports. ie football, rugby etc you will get time off ships.
    If you can box you will probably never go to sea lol.

    As an MA though this would be much harder to achieve as it is much harder to spare the only AB ma off a ship rather than one of five chefs.
    If that makes sense.
  4. No idea about the waiting times for entry as a Chef but they are in short supply so that has to be in your favour. Have you tried asking someone in the careers office?

  5. Ah chef! the only real trade left in the navy.
  6. Chef!! Scran assassins closer to the mark.
  7. The hardest course in the Navy. To date, no one has passed it.

  8. You can branch change once your in the Andrew , ??? , go for MA , better than opening tins & defrosting stuff , honestly .
  9. Dondon are you trying to upset Ninja? :bball:
  10. Get your Mam's spatula, and at next family scran time practice smacking your nearest and dearest on the hands and shouting "only two sausages, nod eye".

    Seriously, unsung heroes the slop jockeys. Always and egg benjo on the go in the 80s there was after a night freezing your moobs off in the field. Good luck. And remember you will learn first aid and food hygene etc, as a chef too.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...and always remember: The counter is for risolles, not *********! :wink:
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Approximate waiting times as at 14 Feb 08 from sitting Recruiting Test to starting Phase one training:

    MA: 24 months
    Logs(CS)(P) (Chef to the rest of us): 2 months
    AET: 3 months
    Comms Tech: 9 months
    Diver; 10 months
    ET(ME): 6 months
    ET(WE): 9 months
    MA(SM):18 months
    NA(AH): 18 months
    NA(SE): 3 months
    SEA SPEC: 9 months
    Logs(SC) (old SA): 6 months
    WS(HM): 15 months
    WS(MW): 2 months
    WS: 2 months
    Logs(Pers) (Old writer): 3 months
    Logs(CS)(D) (Old steward): Are you busy at the end of next month?
    CIS: Ditto

    The bottom line- choose a trade because you want to do it for the whole of your service career, not because you can start sooner. The jobs are VERY different. Don't start whimpering about branch changes after you join, it doesn't happen. :rambo:
  15. We all slag off the chefs but in reality food produced by pusser is good. I remember disembarking with 809 squadron to American naval air stations, the food was crap, no steaks, which is what we all imagined.
    When I was at Tain Range in the 60s we had one chef, weekend cooking was done by the duty watch (one man) if you wanted breakfast you cooked it yourself. The chef prepared and cooked meals on weekdays only, they were all excellent, though there was no choice. At weekends he worked at a top hotel in Tain until he was sacked, nothing to do with his standard of cooking. He asked the owner for two bottles of sherry for the trifle, used one drank the other, result one pissed chef without a weekend job.
  16. Having a larf aincha??
    1994 (i think) we got kicked out of our base location so Crab Air had somewhere nice to stay. We ended up in 10 man tents on Bardufoss Airfield. However...we had to eat in a Crabfat field galley and I kid you not - the best scran I have ever had by pusser. Chatted to the light blue cabbage mechanic, and he told me they couldnt even come close to spending their budget. Strange that all the scran money went to Biggleworth and co, and not to Royal working his knackers off dragging wooden pulks up the E6.
    It's all going downhill anyway - save as you starve isnt making any money, so the standards are dropping - and anyone remember the scran on Whale Island (2000ish) when civvies took over? portion control by a spotty herbert that nearly got his spoon where the sun dont shine everytime he tried to give me 2 spuds just like the 8 stone matelot in front.
  17. 'Spose what I should say tho - is that scran by pusser's aint that bad.
    Don't want to offend any chefs - might not get that extra sausage!

    "It's a selection, not a collection"
  18. I believe that a Chef's secondary role on most ships is a First Aider. Hey if you are a good cook too then the service needs ya!!!!
  19. Depends on the ship. Most of the ones I know are busy being part of the Five Man teams, DC parties and Cleansing Stations. First Aid tends to be the perk of the Stewards ...

    ... and for what it's worth, I can recall the number of poor meals I've eaten in the mob in the last five to ten years on less than one hand. Considering the measley budget they have to play with - they do wonders with it.

  20. The question needs to be asked.
    Which do today's sailors prefer, the food served ashore by the pay as you die civvie organisation, or the food served on board by pussers chefs?

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