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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by justadrama, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. Just wondering what a chef sm role is when not at sea or on watch?

    with the civvies running the station galleys is it just stagging on and sweeping up or is there even less interesting and mundane things to be done?
  2. I presume you'll be on-board, cooking scran?
  3. ATG, I took that to mean when drafted ashore - I may be wrong though :confused:
  4. I think a better explained question may help.

    When the boat isnt on patrol and your on station not doing courses or on watch then what do the chefs do?
    I'm presuming they dont feed the blokes in the station galley as its run by civvies!

    Is that any clearer?
  5. What is the "station galley"? The duty watch eat on-board (I presume), thus the galley will be open. Plus there is Catering (i.e. stores, accounts, cleaning) to be done. I doubt there is much to do beyond that, keeping Watches/Duty and being on leave/weekenders.
  6. Station galley = base, unit, camp, main kitchen. I.E. Where everybody gets fed thats not on a boat.

    A watch chef obviously cooks for the rest of the watch, but what does a watch actually involve?
  7. JD - are you ex Army? Or Army cadets? Or even worse.........

    A station is where trains arrive and depart. We have 'ashore' which tends to encompass everything.

    Is stagging, which we also don't understand, a bit like dogging?

    Ah, just seen anoher post - you are an ex Pongo - welcome. Get 'Jackspeak' and begin learning new language skills!!
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  8. And learn how to march and salute properly?? :)

    Stagging on is not sexual in any way, it's not even remotely fun!
    It means a guard shift.

    So third time lucky,
    When a chef is ashore and not on watch, what do they get to do?
  9. I think you don't quite get it - if you're a chef in a submarine, you'll be cooking on the submarine. If you're not cooking, you'll be sorting out the catering, or doing the cleaning or a 101 other things that need doing on a boat/ship.

    JR Chefs tend not to be allocated to shoreside galleys. If you're assigned a job ashore it'll either be cooking for a Senior Officer, working catering (as opposed to cooking), or doing a job that is open to any branch.

    But I can't imagine a baby Chef getting a shore draft for the first 3 or 4 years.
  10. I understand I'll be cooking on the submarine when the submarine is on patrol but for the 6 months or so its not on patrol the crew doesn't stay on the boat apart from the watch and there's only so many times you can clean a hob or count a tin of bits.
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Why not think of it as a mystery and just assume the Mob will give you plenty to keep you busy?
  12. A slight topic drift but do sundodgers drafted to a boat but living in barracks during AMP etc have to PAYD or is it free?
  13. I like guessing games as much as anybody but a rough idea of what the actual game is would be great! ;)
  14. Well, the Boat's Company work on-board all day - so there's a meal for 120 blokes 5 times a week. Plus the Duty Watch eat on board, there's another 2 meals for the Duty Watch (20?) to be cooked up every day. If the galley is out of action, and they're eating ashore, you'll be in the shore side galley cooking scran 3 times a day. Given that the Duty Chef in a Frigate/Destroyer or Small Ship is working from 0530 - 1800ish, cooking up, clearing down, re-storing, re-ordering, and starting the cycle again for Lunch and Supper/Dinner*, you'll be working most of the time doing your core job.

    *Depends on which mess you're in ;)
  15. Only the duty watch get fed alongside.
  16. So 3 x Duty Watch meals a day - with 4 Chefs in the Dept?
  17. I doubt very much any boat will spend six months alongside in one stretch (unless things have changed greatly). When not on deployment the boat will be at sea, working up, training etc maybe even on a jolly
  18. Yep. One chef/steward duty a day, so outside of store ship it's a pretty easy life being a chef when alongside.
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  19. The cpo at the afco was/is sm, he said the watch only eats on board when alongside and because of payd there wouldn't be any need for a crews chef to work in the main kitchen.
    He didn't say much else though.
    I plan on going bomber so will be at fas if that makes a difference?
  20. Sitting in Frigate Alley I seem to remember seeing "Muck-on-a-Truck" being a regular visitor to the sludge mariners is that still the case?

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