Chef on Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. linky

    So many jokes reference Navy Chefs.

    however well done mate
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer


    Are there really that many Cooks and Stewards on a T boat


    On a lengthy voyage, the chef and his catering team of two sous chefs or "leading hands", four other chefs and three ship's stewards in the wardroom, may have to deliver more than 100,000 meals. A logistics expert and provisions co-ordinator, he has set "best practice" standards that have been deployed in all submarines across the fleet.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's good to see the unsung heroics of our 'Food Spoilers' getting just recognition for a change.

    As rightly stated in the article, the Chefs are critical for morale & often bear the brunt of criticism if they get it wrong.

    Well done that man.
  4. Aye BZ him and the others.

    Cheesey hammy eggy's mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Quality video. Only thing missing was the aroma.

    BZ Chef.

  6. BZ to Andy Bailey. It's good to see the RN back at the top of the Armed Services chefs competing at Hotelympia.
  7. Yes and No. The Ships Company will contain that many but not all will be at sea with it at the same time (some will be 5th watch). Normally you would have LH, Chef & one Stwd per watch plus the PO (who also keeps watches on the planes, along with the Stwd). Technically they are now Logisticians (Catering Services) Preparation (Chefs) or Delivery (Stewards) or AB Logs (CS)(P)/ (D) :p
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks for that, for some reason I had picked up that there were two cooks for normal meals plus one that did night shift on the bakery side.

  9. Your right on that one, night chef also does the brekky. I've had a boat with Bill and, chef jokes aside, he was the mutts nuts with his cooking, he well deserves the award, BZ to him
  10. On fish patrol we only had two chefs and one steward. One of the chefs would a killick the other an AB they would work a day about in the galley at sea. At weekends they would be 1 in 4 with the steward and writer doing cooking for the duty watch
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    A major breach of Opsec in that the secret ingredient of the RN's success, cheesy-hammy-eggy-topside, served on what appears to be a piece of RAF mess silver, has been leaked to the world. Hope McDonald's weren't watching.
  12. 0100-0700 and 1300-1900 watches. Lived on nowt
    but breakfast (eaten at 100 miles per hour), and
    supper troughed at the same rate of knots. Never
    had a bad 'un. The faster you snarfed your food -
    the longer you could get your head down.

    I'd love to see Gordon "Hard Man" Ramsey in
    the galley - now there's an idea for a new
    Celeb Chef TV Series.

    *Gordon Ramseys Part III BSQ Nightmare*

    "F**K OFF out of my galley and go and chase
    up the External Hydraulic system!!"
  13. And all we had was herrings in and penquins washed down with Rise and Shine!

    Well done to him.
  14. BZ Chap.

    Good and bad in all branches, and we've all known some sloshers in the galley, but I've known many fine chefs in my time.

    Little bit of good press for the RN there, so all credit to him.
  15. Cheesey hammy eggs, on toast?

    Its called SHIT ON A RAFT, it used to be how they got rid of Breakfast by giving it you at Suppertime.

  16. Huh?????

    So WTF is sauteed kidneys on toast then?

    Two quite different dishes Cheesy, Hammy Eggy and Shit on a raft.
  17. Nah. Wasn't that kidneys on toast?

    Edit: 2-1 :)
  18. To save you two beating each other to death here is the Submariners Menu List

    Jut click on it and it will take you to the Barrow's site definitive list.


    And yes Shit on a Raft is sueteed kidneys. In fact I still make it.
  19. I much prefer 69 rs,the breakfast of champions :lol:
  20. You must have been staff, Breakfast leftovers on Toast
    Kidneys were thrown on as well.
    Posh spoilt Bastards 8O :?

    You sure the boats you were in were Pussers not P&O

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