Cheers for keeping up this Matlo's Moral in Afghan!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ANDYMC, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. A big thanks from this desert laden Matlo out here where there isn't any sea or ships.

    This website has contributed to keeping my moral up since I've been here for 6 months. Keep up the good work to all those guys/gals who have entertained this sandy dusted covered Matlo.

    Any suggestions on how I should extridite myself from this place, should Biggles and his crew decide to let me down?
  2. First of all learn to spell Matelot correctly lol

    Secondly keep up the good work out there! An old ship mate of mine has just returned from there. He's good bloke despite turning to the dark side and is currently a reggie lol
  3. Try giving Osama Bin Laden a bell. :sentemail: He seems to get himself out of there quite easily :ufo:
  4. AndyMc,

    Escape ideas off the top of my head .....

    Blot your copybook.
    Tell someone who will listen that you are very important and have an urgent meeting in the UK.
    Fall in love with a Camel and ride away into the sunset.
    Invent a teleportation device.
    Feign insanity ... oh wait, we're already insane for going there in the first place.
    Hitch but remember to show some leg.
    Bide your time and finish your tour.

    Curious though .... if we've helped keep your spirits up for six months why you haven't had a lot to say during that time?

    Good luck mate and safe journey when the RAF finally find you a seat.

  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I have a cunning plan....

    Just go wibble: Two pencils up the nose, underpants on head, can't go wrong, never fails.
  6. I had to shoot a whole regiment for trying that in the Sudan!!!!!1
  7. I heard that standing for Parliament is a possible solution but why swap one mad house for another? Anyway, good luck to you and keep the sand in the desert, not in the works.
  8. :thumright: She has just been drafted to the STAN :thumright:
  9. Hello my relief has arrived then :thumright:
  10. Sruth Jimmy :thumright: Im sending out the Nurses to the STAN :thumright: Their looking for the Willy W****Y bird :whew: Every time it winks it W***S :thumright: Hey ladies dont throw sand in its eyes
  11. Post pictures of all the men in your unit round your bedspace and make kissing noises within earshot of all around you. :twisted:
  12. Your fantasy again Thingy?
  13. :thumright: Dont want you left out Steve if you ever got drafted to the Stan :thumright: or anyone else, batting for the otherside :whew: :thumright:
  14. I will give you the same advice as I give my son in law when he goes off to such places.

    "Keep your nut low and your nuts even lower."

    Hurry back the UK is being taken over by the nutters.

  15. No way Jose! But given the choice of entering Parliament or pretending to be gay, I'd opt for the latter. Keep your head son! :thumright:

    Scouse, I remember that piccy of you and SPB..... I'd always thought trunctions were only used for tenderising criminals before I saw that...... ;)
  16. Hi,

    The MATELOT Escaped!!!
    The Army/RAF pulled out all the stops to get me out, I was bumped on the flight, then bumped off, then bumped on again.

    All in a space of a day.

    I'm presently up in Scotland soaking up the lovely cold windy wet weather, considering going outside and getting naked the next time it rains, but that might be frowned on by the locals and the local Police.

    I can see the headlines now....Afghan Vet Naked Streak!

    Dont' worry, I'm mentally ok, just, just trying to shake off the dust in my ears still and replace that with salty sea air!

    Tips on anyone heading out that way, take an American/European Adaptor for your British Electrical stuff ie. laptops. Also take with you a 4 plug extension socket cable/lead.

    Its' so nice to see grey rainy looking clouds, but it's so much better to be inside a pub drinking beer/cider looking at them through a window.
  17. you could always have called on the stronger sex ANDYMC if the lads had let you down

  18. Glad you got back safe and well!
  19. Seconded!
    Do look after your health in the next few years.
    Good Luck

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