Cheers Easy!

After haveing a week meeting clients that have had a week worrying about relatives stuck in foreign climes 3 stuck in the States, 1 with wife with daughter and new Grand child, 2 in Denver trying to get home for a parents funneral and 1 stuck after a cruise.

At last a tale of hope, after a footy match/hol in Bassalona a drinking partner went to the airport on the Thurs morningto be told no chance go on the rolling standby list. After 2 nights accom @ E80 anight at the airlines expence the price goes up to E200 a night and you are on your own. The lads and others stuck deside to hire a coach to get to Calais, E10,000 the airport says that the flight is on for tomorrow so scrub round that, WRONG,

At the airport they are scheduled for next Wednesday

"I have a problem, I am a Doctor (he is , but nothing to do with medicine)and I have to get to my hospital in London ASAP" (he didnt)

"Will Luton be acceptable instead of Gatwick? we can get you on the next flight"

Him home with son soonest and him in pub this evening.

Cheers Easy
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