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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by digger84, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Today I have just been drafted to FSU 02. I was wondering if there are any other tabs out drafts left in the fleet? On board you will always hear of lads knowing lads who have had cheers easy drafts like Admirals Driver etc

    I remember a few years ago, I knew a Killick Stoker who got drafted to Whitehall to become the Lawnmower maintainer.
  2. I got a cheers easy draft to Culdrose Ops room.

    Turned up at 7am finished at 3pm, Afternoon make amend every Tuesday finished 12 Friday's, no duties. Only supposed have been 3 months ended up 9 months :D
  3. I was drafted to HMS Warrior in the 80s, working as part of CinC Fleet. I started working in the MMS programme and then got shifted to Staff Commander's driver. Now that was a cushy number.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I completed a draft for heavy mob up north. Run by Babcock and one of the best drafts I've ever had.

    Edit,,,,if your a submariner a draft to the escape workshop I'm led to believe, is tabs oot.
  5. Just looking back at my past drafts I have had they have all been tabs out....
    Joined Illustrious 04 till 07 I was Gash party 6 months and DHP 6 months
    Finished Killicks Course 08
    SFM 6 Months worked till 12 everyday
    Liverpool 08 Refit for 6 months
    CRAM 09 till sept 10 (at 10 days standby) including two 3 month trips to the states, training with the US Army
  6. Hard labour that mate.

    Closure of HMS St Vincent for about three months in the Big Town 1992:

    Week 1 - Security duty - 24 hours (2x6) posing with a shoulderhoster in a Kensington posh house. Three duties a week at a push - two generally.

    Week 2 - De-store under the control of the POSA. Usual finish by 1200, but if removal chaps didn't turn up ('fahkin' Chelsea at 'ome innit mate?' or rain or something) released whenever.

    Week 3 - Forced to have that week off due to the stress of weeks 1 and 2.

    ...with Lodging Allowance paying for my flat in Wimbledon.

    Aythangyou *bows*

  7. All I did was switch the computer's on and read newspapers the civi's did everything else :D
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    4 ASRM was pretty laid back, sunbathed most days when at sea, hid in the RM radio shack if there was ever any danger of doing some work and on exercise was part of the ABU recce so had earned my beer and medals by the time the landing craft came ashore to drop the troops off, so sun bathed a bit more as everyone else moved in land to play war. cheers easy. 8)
  9. Buffers Yeoman at Dryad for a year, made cheese baps, soup and tea for s/easy, sold them to dabbers on 2's course then split the profits with Buffer for beer money. :)
  10. RFA Dilligence Gulf 88 Secured every day at 1100 bus into Dubai to meet the missus 0730 bus back next morning breakfast quick kip till 1000 made sure the lads were ok 1100 bus back to Dubai from Jebel Ali and I got a medal cheers easy. Then drafted to RNR Tyne HMS CALLIOPE, then shafted and did 5 years on YORK
    Now a civvy work Tue and Wed £500 a week + pension after 32 years mans time live the dream
  11. HMS Endurance, club 18-30s
  12. Ditto @ Vernon, the chief : got me out of a draft too. All went tits up when grassed up by the canteen damager :cry: But great while it lasted. :lol: Paid for my s.w.e and Friday whiles fares on Southdown Coaches, any of the old and bold remember them :?:
  13. a couple of mine spring to mind, well four:-
    1964 hms cochrane - naval stores small ships support team in the dockyard. wet the tea for the sr's & read the paper, repeat, repeat. occasionally go onboard an old frigate to change a fire extinguiser or muster some dc stores. only lasted four months though.
    1965 hms drake - same as above. any small ship. could tell the ship we were req'd in barracks and vici-verci.
    1969 hms simbang - 814 sqdn jack dusty. turn to , dockyard trip or wd 40 a 'copter. collect the bubbly at 1100. get ratsed, bloody big lunch then the pool to flake out the ashore.
    1971/2 hms drake - came off field gun (guzz) to the furniture party. two fit lsa's and the rest p7r's. one endless round of coffee/cakes etc. obligatory dts over at the duty watch. pm, as for am. early secure and go to the gym. then outside!
  14. Always took the drafts none of the married guys wanted out of area - sad fcukers Lodging Allowance lots of civvy crunt that were so easy only ever did 1 teaching job in DRYAD fcuking boring monotonous shite, RNR grateful listened and the Geordie lasses were divs
  15. DNR. Subsistance for 6 months then vitualed at the RAF Hospital at Wroughton(swindon)for the other 6 Months to recover. easy life 8)

    I think the powers that be sussed us out shortly after cos the perks ended shortly after :(
  16. Had 2.

    First was the Lyser shop in Guzz. When the S boats moved North we took it in turns to come in.
    second was 4 months on Dilipig following Unicorn around the middle east. My own cabin with en-suite, 4 meals a day and all the cider I could eat, no duties and only had to rig/de-rig shore supply when she was alongside.
  17. The Controlies/OAs workshops Dolphin 92/3 more time off than Rip Van Winkles bunk light.
  18. Sea Harrier OEU (96-99) Front line, No sea time and as the work was pretty slack spent a year as the reggie. 3 trips to Peurto Rico (6 weeks each) odd trip to West Freugh (Stranraer). Boss was happy for us to more or less come and go as we pleased as long as the trials were complete.
    As I had not been to sea since 820 Squadron (89) it was 1 month short of 12 years when the got me back on 801 Premier Shar Squadron (2001).
  19. So after that and civvy street it all went Pete Tong
  20. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I shared a ward in Haslar once with a Lt(SD)(AE) who hadn't been to sea for twenty years.

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