I just wanted to say cheerio to all the friends I have made on here- the 7 months I have been a member have been fun - but i am off now - not posting this for attention seeking or whatever, but the site is the like the RN- it has changed so much so quick - and not for the better.
The majority of the posts (some of mine included) seem to be for attention grabbing, and not for the "love of the RN"-- congrats to good/bad co for an A grade site - but it has changed----
so to all my friends on here - be good, be bad--- but be careful!!!!!!!!!
Take care, and (Josie still on for 20th july??)

Be nice all of you--- signing out for now,
Always, luv n hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBH
Bye Bye BH - will miss your wit, dits and general sense of humour on the site.

Maybe come back later when some of the tossers have got fed up of pissing everyone off and grown up some.

All the best
Hmm!! Not the sort of post I wanted to read really BH, however choice is still one thing that most of us have about most things. Thanks for the odd banter we have had and please enjoy whatever you may get up to in the days following your departure. Alors!! Bon continuation!!
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