Cheeky Twunts!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pinkprincess, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. A (no doubt small) percentage of the civilians that are onboard the Albion are complaining about the conditions on board.

    - They are not being allowed to use comms on board to call for hire cars
    - Some of the heads are a bit dirty
    - They are out of mobile phone range
    - They don't have wifi


    If it weren't for the lads coming back from Afghan, I'd say turn around and dump the ungrateful twunts back in Santander.
  2. And if it wasn't for the troops onboard I'd have an overnight index to keep them awake (including action messing). that would give them something to moan about.
  3. Ditch'em over board would be qucker and more economical. :evil:
  4. On the bright side, they'll have a load of iPods to go round.
  5. Bitch.
  6. Wonder if any matelots or pongo's managed to trap? (either sex in this Liberal limp wristed society)....or even managed to get their leg over?
  7. It was going to be mentioned at some point in this thread. Might as well be me :D
  8. "Excuse me Sergeant, but one of your soldiers has been pestering my daugh.....Oh!...Errr,"..., I,ve Hello dear, what are you doing here......."
  9. Fcuk that think of the horny sluts in thongs with there new tans. in the engine room no one can hear you scream.
  10. Any tourist complaining should be flogged around the fleet lol.
  11. It doesn't do to make them too comfy as they will all be telling the Scum that Jack has got a floating hotel instead of a Warship.

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