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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by josiecats, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. My girl came home form school.. with her home work and tells me that if she does not do it on MY COMPUTER that she will get detention,

    How dare the school assume that she is allowed to do this or even that we have a home computor, seems these days if you dont have one then your not providing for your kids


    catts x

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  2. Considering that in 2006 almost 60% of the UK population had access to the INTERNET alone, its pretty safe to say that a vast majority of children of school age have access to at least a home PC at some time during the week.
    If this isn't the case, every (modern secondary) school these days has a computer suite of some description, coupled with after school homework style clubs.
  3. Ask her to show you spell check and grammar setting Josie.

    Could be this is the reason youngsters walk on without saying a friendly greeting they are losing communication skills. Communicating by text e mailing and messenger.

  4. Like little boys, little girls never misquote anyone for their own purposes, eh? Bless 'em. Assuming your daughter's teacher is a woman, I can imagine her now, "Josie Junior, tell your mother you have got to do your homework on her computer or you will get detention. And while you're at it, tell her to stop chewing her nails and to get her roots done."

    So get your own back on the teacher. Tell your daughter to ask her teacher why she didn't suggest using one of the PCs at school or in the local library. And tell her she needs to use a stronger deoderant at the same time.

    You wait all week for an outrage bus to appear and all of a sudden a whole convoy arrives. However, so many lack destination boards or brakes that it's... well, it's outrageous!
  6. While there's no shortage of PCs in my house, I attended the last parents' evening at my daughter's High School, and the way they went about it was to put us through a couple of classes as the kids had them. One of the classes I chose was IT. I was really, really impressed with the set up, and I asked the question about the non availability of home computers, and was told they are available after school for homework clubs.

    It's up to the kids to use the facilities.
  7. Some families don't know HOW to eat properly.

    They plonk some tasteless salt-laden ready meal or MaccyD takeaway in front of their brat whilst it's watching some sh!tty soap opera on their brand new super-duper wide-screen HD LCD or plasma TV, then light up a cancer-stick (at something like £6 a packet) and complain that they can't afford to buy decent food.

    OK, spot the stereotype. But there is a lot of truth behind that.
  8. You beat me to it Jimmy.
    How come the families that eat junk food always seem to have the latest gadjets? :pukel:
  9. It varies from school. Not all have homework clubs or even give homework to the students. The school my son goes to does have a homework club but charges a fee for the use of it - probably something to do with not being abused by parents who work who might use it as a cheap alternative to getting a sitter.

    If the schools were funded properly they probably wouldn't have to do this but almost every school I know of is always trying to raise cash for one thing or another due to lack of funding.

    Another interesting one on the homework front which really pissed me off recently was that my son was given the task of producing one to two sides of A4 on the Crusades each week for about six weeks. Nothing wrong with that for an eleven year old except when you understand that he does not have any school books to take home and refer to (in fact there are no books available at school to refer to either) and not one of his three history teachers (one for each of three sessions in the week) has actually covered the period during classes.

    What did he do? He talked through it with me in outline detail and he used the net to research the core facts. Then picked a different aspect for each bit - weaponry, domestic life, key persons, timeline, etc making certain to rehash it into his own words and style. The teacher then gave him a hard time for taking the info from the net.

    MY BLOOD BOILS!!!! My wife would not let me go to his parents evening.

  10. Interesting, while I make no comparisons, I do live in Scotland. (shhh!, I'm not a Jock!). I've never understood this "them and us" attitude and I consider standards to be lower than my day.

    You may scoff, but I normally end up finishing my daughter's homework to a sufficient standard, all the while thinking "Why should I?", as she doesn''t seem to care.

    As for her maths!
    I broached the subject to her teacher, saying I was peturbed, and he told me she was up to speed for her age! I just thought the man was justifying his existence, or just plain mad!


    Plenty of computers though.
  11. My daughters school sent a letter home requesting I provide a laptop for her to drag into school and no doubt drop and break. Whilst I would love to say the parents got together and told the school to get stuffed, it turned into a competition to see who's child had the best laptop. Now I can do her homework in comfort.

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