Cheef Tiff iis back


Lantern Swinger
Hi everyone.

Just a note to let you know I am home from hospital. Not quite firing on all cylinders yet but I'm getting there !

I shall be endeavouring to contribute here again each day as I get stronger. For now, my sincere and heasrtfelt thanks to everyone who was rooting for me when I went for my op.

It has gone well though I still have issues with the leg they pinched veins out of to renew the cardiac plumbing but it gets a little better each passing day.

Once again, thanks to everyone here


Good to get you back Cheef , I've had a couple of mates go through it , so I know what you went through , and working at Derriford Hospital I've seen it first hand , excellent news , I may have a beer to wish you well , :p :lol:


Lantern Swinger
chieftiff said:
Hope you recover sharpish mate, probably not a good idea to get shiters watching the World Cup just yet though!

Chance would be a fine thing.....I can't even have "sippers" with all these pills I have to take !

I had to bribe the docs to let me out in ttime for the firast England game. had to promise to go back if I didn't feel well.......As if !

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