Check this little gem out ha ha

Fussy cunt, he's obviously never been on a run in Bahrain, they all look like that, but hey ho needs must when the devil drives.
Anyway as stated above, beer makes them beautiful, and she already has the bag in place. 8O :D

But no doubt the same old faces will be along soon offering the ambassador two's up! Especially as she sounds better than some of the hogs down Jo's or Boobs!!!!
What's that old thing about not judging a book by its cover. For all we know, from the neck down (no, not incipient beard hair), she might have the body of a ballet dancing angel.

Bloody unlikely, though!


Lantern Swinger
I Love the comment at the bottom "he could have been more "DIPLOMATIC""
Plus she is a doctor, surely she could have sorted herself out! Or maybe thats the flip side, she dosed herself up with hormones and put on a squint because she didn't want to marry the old bastard!
Ha solved it!!!
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