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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. All the MP's keep telling us how overworked they are.
    Most people I have conversation with will say, if the subject arises that they have problems ever getting to see their MP.

    So being a caring sort of chap, all pink and fluffy like (shut it Wrecker)
    I have a brilliant idea.
    Lets take the workload off our MP's.
    If we double the amount of them and halve their salary it would benefit us.
    I don't give a fuck what they think, as putting peoples income down is acceptable, they started it and I am on a learning curve.
    We would see what the country really wanted, and the pompous pricks now in power would fall away like autumn leaves if the salary and perks were stripped to nominal.
    As the army is to be downsized, they could all sleep in Chelsea barracks when in London and this would cancel out the accommodation payouts. All they need pay is the same as a squaddie gets charged.
    Fuckin simple. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  2. 8O I wasn't even going to mention your piles :oops:

  3. Which leads very nicely into me saying that the way things are going the only piles I will have are bills.
    Still I believe shanty towns are becoming very "in" nowadays in third world countries like Britain.
    I missed out on New age traveller, so I can be a new age peasant. :twisted:

  4. I take it you never lived in MQ's then :D
  5. Strange you should mention "new age traveller" Rumrat. I feel that on reaching retirement age we should all become one of them. Look at all the benefits we would get. Travel throughout our wonderful country meeting people, have a few wet's here and there etc etc.. Sounds the bizz to me
  6. And do all this while collecting your benefits :p
  7. I concur.Stop in what town you like.Pick up some benefits , have a few wets and move on to the next one.No council tax to worry about , no bills.just nick a few calor gas cylinders here and there (to decorate the field youv'e just vacated) and a bit of red diesel to keep the great big 4x4 going and Bob's your proverbial :D
  8. It sounds a wonderful life.Where do I join. I am particularly drawn to Slims idea of drawing benefits as we deploy.
    An old age traveller in fact. See you at the cross roads chaps, and can I program benefit offices into my sat nav? :D :roll:
  9. The benefits are a must, cos it's our uman rites. We want disability benefits as well cos we will be too pissed to work. Oh nearly forgot, cos we is pissed we can't walk so must get mobility allowance as well. :oops:
  10. Free duck house for all.

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