Cheap labour -

Redditch is a lucky town where Community Groups a scratching around to find work for their Cons something to do for work experience.Obviously all the Civic stuff had already been grabbed by the all the other miscreants the magistrates had asked to give a little of their time FOC.Jacqui Smith and Spouse have made a donation to charity by way of thanks so that's OK then.
This reminds me of the time when working as a conservation volunteer for a local group we arrived at large house with woodland to the rear. Today we are working in this woodland owned by a barrister who had been given a grant to create woodland tracks through the private woodland. I was misinformed of the task for the day. If I had told you the truth you would not have come said the ranger. Well that group was kicked in touch after that incident. I worked that day alongside the other volunteers and the barrister never even sent out a cuppa tea he was to busy in his outdoor swimming pool.

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