Cheap healthy vegetarian diets?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Snowman91, Jun 18, 2014.

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  1. I'm a vegetarian training to join the Royal Navy. I get most of what I need from quorn, dairy and veg/salads but am relying mostly on protein shakes for the protein. Whilst meat-free substitutes have decent levels of protein, it can get quite expensive to keep buying quorn products, as well as protein powders, and the rest of the food shopping also.

    I'm looking for a vegetarian, cheap, healthy, and protein rich diet if anyone has any information/tips.
  2. Chips and safety flan, food of champions! ⚓️
  3. Cheesy-hammy-eggy (negative ham).

    Oops, sorry, you said healthy didn't you? :oops:
  4. What the smeg is a safety flan?!
  5. Pussers cheese flan, always the safest option!
  6. There is loads of information online if you google it, plenty of recipes and stuff as well :) i like a bit of meat but lots of my friends are herbivores and ate well on not much money.
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  7. I wish this had been posted in Lil's :frown:
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  8. In addition to the likelihood of dying a windy and palid death you will be mocked mercilessly for not indulging in baby's heads.
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  9. Broccoli is a veg that's reasonably high in protein compared to some other veg. Most 'leafy greens' are as well.
  10. We had a vegetarian on Revenge in 71, virtually unheard of in those days. he just about lived on chip butties. But not very healthy i suppose, but they taste nice.
  11. Reg the Veg, our POMA on Turbs, was a vegan, ne never looked very healthy which was a bit ironic considering his branch.
  12. What did he wear on his feet Wrecks?
  13. That was a topic that was mentioned more than once Dappers, he never really had an answer to it apart from he had to wear bats and shoes because of his job. On a humorous slant, he used to take boxes of Mars Bars to sea, we pointed out (after we'd sailed) that the contents included animal fat, he dumped half a dozen boxes of Mars Bars on the table and stomped off to his rack with a mega sulk on :)
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  14. A lot of veggies suffer from excessive wind. This can cause one to be unpopular in a crowded messdeck...

  15. Anyone remember the "cabbage soup" diet that was all the rage a few years back ... one of the girls on the team cleared a tilley one day on the way to Salisbury to Southampton ... driver had to pull over as it stung his eyes and it took 10 minutes with all the windows open before anyone could get back in!

    Another friend of mine got married and the first meal she cooked for her new husband (also a veggie) was curried sprouts! ... he bought her a cookery book!
  16. I found a bunch of seeds that have a metric shit ton of protein in them so I'm just raping my food with them for the time being.
  17. You're pumping your seed ito your food?
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  18. Dont do it, you may fail the drugs test, it aint worth it.

    [h=1]Hemp Seeds: Better For You Than Flax Seeds?[/h]October 10, 2010 | 80 Comments
    [​IMG]Never underestimate the enduring power of a mother’s conviction in her advice or … your susceptibility to taking it.
    The substance of the advice may change, with new truths crowding out or even contradicting earlier truths (after years of dutifully popping echinacea during flu season, my mother, one day, informed me that it was “useless”), but her belief in the value of the wisdom to change your life, will never diminish.
    “Hemp Seeds. ” she said.“You should get them. They’re like flax seeds, but better.”
    All right then. And off I trundled to explore the lesser known world of hemp.
    Protein: This is where she very correct. They have about double the protein of flax seeds. You’ll get 5g in one tablespoon of hemp seeds. Interestingly, they also have 50% more protein than almonds.
    Fat: Hemp is full of exceptionally good fat in the form of essential fatty acids as well as Vitamin E. There are 5g in a tablespoon, about the same as what you’d get in an egg and about the same as flax (from a weight standpoint).
    Omegas: Hemp has a lower Omega 3:Omega 6 ratio (about 1 : 2.5), flax has the reverse ratio (3:1 Omega 3:Omega6). Generally we are deficient in Omega 3 so flax offers more of the 3′s but the ratio of 3 to 6 in hemp is still in good balance as our bodies do require more 6′s than 3′s overall. (Both hemp and flax provide the LNA type of Omega 3 which must be converted to the EPA and DHA found in its pure form in fish oil.) Click here for a fuller explanation of Omegas.
    Taste: More like sunflower seeds. They are softer in the mouth than flax seeds, as well as milder and nuttier tasting.
    Versatility: Use them as you would flax seeds. I dump a heaping tablespoon into yogurt and sprinkle them on top of vegetables. (You can also buy the oil.)
    If you buy the seeds whole, you don’t need to worry about grinding them as they do not have a hull. (Whole flax seeds, in comparison, have a hard hull and without grinding them, will pass through you largely undigested). It’s actually illegal in the US to sell whole hemp seeds with their hull intact because of (misguided) governmental concerns that a hemp seed could be planted to grow marijuana (as well various interests groups that do not want to see a rise of the industrial hemp industry in the US.). Hemp and marijuana are legally the same plant, but only one will get you high. Hemp seeds will grow hemp type cannabis plants and marijuana seeds will grow marijuana type cannabis plants – that’s it*.
    So bottom line: Hemp’s got a ton going for it – a superb protein source as well as an Omega superpower. I keep a bag in the fridge and use it daily. And will likely continue to do so until my mother tells me it’s useless.
  19. I've got pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I'm staying away from anything even mildly drug related i.e hemp, poppy etc as far as I know no one has linked pumpkin seeds to far. Thanks for the reminder though topstop :)

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