Cheaky Russian Bastards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. The oppose everything the West tries to do around the world and will not offer any assistance like sanctions etc and now, they are having a mank at the U.S. because there is too much Heroin coming out of Afghanistan.

    Hasn't it dawned on them that their own border controls might be crap and if they don't like it, then send in a cockin team to do the destruction yourselves.

    Moaning Tossers.
  2. Can't see the problem myself, they are perfectly within their rights to lodge a complaint. The US-led operation in Afghanistan is supposed to be there to provide security including border security which includes stopping contraband from getting out.

    If Ivan is saying that the amount of opium coming out of Afghanistan is 50 times what it was in 2001 then there is obviously a major problem that the Coalition is not dealing with (surprise, surprise, it has been mentioned on RR countless times).

    Of course they should mank just as we should also mank that far from making the world safer we seem to be going in the opposite direction in some critical quarters.
  3. I was refering to their own boarder not Afghan.

    I also can't see a problem in that the scum who won't listen to anyones advice and continue to take the shit and die don't deserve any help. That goes for all the ********* in all countries.
  4. Don't blame the Russians. They have no common border with Afghanistan and are busy trying to suppress heroin trans-shipment across their 1400 Km border with Tajikistan.

    The US DEA / UN / US State Department / International Narcotics Control all agree that the only thing booming in Afghanistan [except of course the IEDs] is heroin production.

    The Taliban had banned production and were successful in bringing heroin exports to a record low. Now production is at an all time high with a record 45,000 hectares dedicated to poppy growing. Poppy production is protected by the West.

    The Pentanglegon is insisting that it is not in their remit to target poppy growing and the Afghan Gubbermint including Ahmed Wali Karzai are up to their collective necks in the drug trade.

    Good Link >
  5. Do the Red nobbers have a border around their country? yes they do so protect it and not try to blame others for shit security.
  6. Part of the Mandate for being in Afghanistan was to stop the drugs trade.
    After all these years the drug trade has not been stopped, it has grown. This has nothing to do with the Russians. They have got a legitimate complaint though as it seems thet our interference in Afghanistan has led to a significant drug problem for them.
    Time for us to pull out of Afghanistan and use our troops to enforce our borders, not help to support a currupt Afghanistan government.
  7. Hardly a salient point, they're not the only one's threaders with the amount of Opium coming out of Afghanistan and have every right to lodge a complaint. As for Afghanistan, I presume the complexities of a prospective NATO / Russia coalition are lost on you?

    Also, we are in no position to slate another nation's border control.
  8. Is anyone aware of any estimates of increases/decreases in heroin coming into the UK from Afghanistan since 2001?

    I recall 'combatting the drug trade' featured quite heavily in early public justifications of our presence but less so recently. Perhaps we too are seeing what the Russians are seeing (we just aren't in a position to shout about it for obvious reasons).
  9. The export of heroin from Afghanistan is a pretty recent development. Opium refining has now moved into Afghanistan because there is so little risk and such great profits:-

    Good link >
  10. No we aren't and neither are they in any position to dictate how another countries forces conduct their operations.

    This was about terrorism and not drugs, it is up to the government of the country to take care of that.
  11. Talking from very recent experience, it's easier to get into England than it is Chicago Rock.
  12. Indeed, much like we are in no position to tell any country whatsoever how to go about their business.

    I maintain Russia have a point, if we can gob off with our US mates all the time, then they have every right to.
  13. We couldn't even if we wanted, we are one of the most irrelevent countries in the world with probably the weakest government we have ever had.
  14. Terrorism, drugs = same thing
  15. At last, we agree on something.
  16. The USA is encountering similar problems to the Russians, but on the US-Mexican border. It goes under-reported but it makes towns like Ciudad Juarez the most dangerous in the world [and that includes Kabul].

    Last year there were 6,500 drug-related murders on the border and 2010 looks like being even worse with 2,500 killed so far including the recent atrocities in Acapulco where 13 murders and beheadings took place in a single day including an ambush on a police drugs team which killed 5 policemen.

    The Russians have a very valid reason to drip and they are not alone.
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