Chavs ... the reason Business Class was invented!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. Sat on a 5 hour flight on Saturday surrounded by a family from Essex complete with white stilettos and 15 screaming kids who seem to delight in kicking you in the back the whole journey, holding up the in-flight bar service while the trolley-dolly tried to sort out the exchange rate in 3 different currencies to give them change for 10 cans of larger and bottles of Chardonnay reminded me the Chavs have got to be the reason Business Class was invented!
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  2. Sadly, Cattle-Class leaves a lot to be desired but on most holiday flights there's no alternative to plump for.
  3. MG.
    If you had wandered up to Row "E" - seats 1, 2 and 3 you could've
    entertained yourself for a few minutes...if the in-flight movie was crap.
    (She was gaggin' for it)


    ..and there was fun to be had in the crapper as well.

  4. That doll probably belongs to Pontius.
  5. Unfortunately SB you are quite correct! Seems that most holiday flights are operated by Thomas Cook/Thomson's et al and they seem quite content to cram as many punters into the thing as they can with little thought to comfort etc ... then have the neck to charge over the odds for a bacon sarnie! (that's if they haven't run out) but I guess that's what you have to accept to get a cheap charter flight!
  6. Granddaughter (five next month) arrived for a visit having been to see her mother's family in Italy. She was not impressed with Easyjet:
    "You could not get anything to drink and I was so thirsty. You couldn't get anything to eat either. The service was so poor......"

    Ah. I suspect it will get worse. But she IS half Italian!
  7. I have yet to find anyone impressed with EasyJet! We went to Sharm 3 years ago on an EasyJet flight ... boarded at 11am on time ... off the plane at 12 noon after the man with the hammer failed to get the door to close properly ... yeah OK I can accept that you don't want the door opening itself at 33,000 ft as it would tend to spoil your day however ... back on the plane at 1pm ... off again at 3pm because the flight crew didn't have enough hours left so waiting for new flight crew ... finally away at 5pm! All EJ said was "operational issue" and gave us a voucher for £3 for lunch! Ever tried getting lunch at an airport for less than £3 ... doesn't even get you a cup of coffee! Not to mention the plane would have got a re-scrub on skippers rounds and as your granddaughter found out ... even trying to get a drink was a nightmare!

    OK ... I'm going on holiday along with everyone else of the great unwashed and I'm not expecting acres of space however the flight does cost about half the total cost of the holiday and while I don't mind paying for drinks / food on board if it keeps the cost down I do expect the thing to a) leave on time and b) be clean. I've now been on Thomson/ Thomas Cook/ EasyJet/ Monarch flights and they all seem to cram as many people as they can on - 180 passengers on the Airbus 320 we flew back on the other day. Made me laugh as on the way out the crew managed to get in two bar service runs and a DF run ... on the way back they were pushed to get in one drink run and a DF run!
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    People turn right when getting on a plane?

    How terribly vugar.
  9. Can one turn right on aeroplane when going on ones jollys, most disgusting.
  10. With Crabair, passengers used to turn their backs to the pilot....
  11. Quite. I've heard tell there is also seating downstairs but I've yet to confirm it.
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  12. It isn't seating as such, more akin to the rows of benches that used to be used on the slave galleys:(
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  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    surely it's only the pilot who turns right on boarding....
  14. DSC01679.jpg "Room at the back! Move along the plane please!"

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