Chavs attempt aerocide by opening door mid-flight

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. They were too daft to know they couldn't have opened it in any case I suppose!
    A pity though that it couldn't have been done for a few brief seconds to let them off :thumright:
    Why can't some brits (it is only some) have a couple of drinks and behave themselves, beats me rigid..
  2. Find it hard to believe the stupidity of these two - "a little bit of fresh air" FFS - without too much knowledge of aviation law, surely "endangering the safety of an aircraft" should be the first charge, with "drunk and disorderly" a long way down the list. Once they start banging morons like this up for considerable terms, the incidences should also fall - far too much of this going on.
  3. These days I'm a tree-hugging, yoghurt-knitting leftie-liberal type.

    In this case though, shoot them.
  4. Perhaps the next version of Airbus should be fitted with a rear torpedo tube, difficult passengers, for the ejection of. :twisted:

    Oooo Stewardess, there's a pair of freeze-dried wimmen 'anging on the wings! :thumright:
  5. Stop sitting on the fence. Say what you mean. :biggrin:
  6. Watched a chav on a recent Ryan Air flight.

    The beer was flowing and he reminded me of a dickhead friend long ago by his mannerism. Anyways the time came to board the aircraft he headed for the rear steps l informed the other half we go up the front. He was swinging away enjoying himself climbing the steps not a care in the world.

    Short delay in takeoff the man tells us. Prat was escorted off the aircraft with his mate. Short delay while the seal around the door is mended this yellow coated type tells us prat having damaged it.

    Woman asked if the aircraft would be safe he tells her it will not be pressurised if it is not fixed. Many people then chatting wondering if they are all doomed.

    Poor chav missed his concert in Ireland and if I know the man from Ryan Air a big bill!!
  7. Chavs seem to have "evolved", for want of a better word, some in-explicable ability to cause drunken damage where ever they go, and enjoy doing it.

    i hope most of them continue to evolve and end up as Darwin Awards

  8. How about a Chav hunting open season,a prize given for the most kills?

    Oops,not PC is it,nevermind I'm going to Hell anyway.
  9. lol, i think we should change our "national sport" (for the posh toffs anyway) from fox hunting to chav hunting - give them a small head start, then chase them with dogs and arses on horses with guns.


    [rant:] and who cares about PC - i cant STAND PC arses - PC makes ppl racist without meaning to be - it segrigates our society, not bringing it together. [/rant]
  10. Chavs

    Try this for laugh. :thumright:
  11. i feel sorry for the people who have to live there..

    and happy that where i live, the worst i have to put up with is noises from my sheep, goats, dog, and chickens. lol
  12. It would put the chavs at a disadvantage as they are easier to hit than foxes... :thumright:
  13. You are of course correct, and with a complete lack of Hunt saboteurs (they would join the hunt) kills could be guaranteed. :w00t: :threaten:
  16. I still have my Polo pony..... Joanna.....

  17. Time to bring this up, if it hasn't been already:

    Didn't think this through...

    Thankfully that moron's drunken escapade of joy seeking destruction probably didn't end quite so joyfully. The law probably didn't deal with him much, but he punished himself more than a court probably would anyway...
  19. Very funny but don't think it deserves the heading "Brave Teen Hurt in Rescue Bid"
    "Bottom of the gene pool gets what he deserves" is far more appropriate ^~

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