Chav Barbie

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. How about a Little Britain Barbie?
    Comes with five kids in different shades, council flat, benefit book and mini smoker kit.
  2. How about 'asylum seeker' barbie?

    Comes with 4 kids, husband, mother/father-in-law, £20,000 and fake IDs.
  3. Just thought of Essex barbie. doesn't come with underwear and the legs don't close
  4. I wonder if they'll make a barbie sized job centre so the kids can have a place to compare tats. A 'screaming larvae' ejector function might be a good idea too.. come to think of it barbies have no genitals do they.

    How about a 'Cheap Cider' barbie? Never stands up straight and has built in slurring phrases like "go'enny change fert bus luv?" and a vomit button on the stomach?
  5. How about an Elizabeth Fritzl Barbie? It comes with a bottle of Daddies sauce to squirt over its face and it cries and whimpers when you turn the lights out and start heavy breathing....
  6. How about a Vampire Barbie with real teeth! Little Jenny would be lying in bed dreaming about having her own tats as a female matelot when she grows up when suddenly her toy, Jade, flies across the pink bedroom from the window sill and sinks her pirana teeth into Jenny's neck and starts sucking.

    On the sucking theme, perhaps there should be a Matelot Friendly Barbie, called "Special Sock", with gaping wide mouth, soft rubber lips and willing & able to "take head" who stimulates the parts that other dolls cannot reach! :twisted:
  7. We could have Paramedic Barbie, you could piss and vomit on her and assault her to your hearts consent without fear of prosecution.
  8. Obese Barbie comes with supersized McShite meal, couch and TV with daytime TV hosts picture on.

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