Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by left_handed_sailor, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. Whatever happened to the chatroom? It was quite active back in August 2007 before I went in to the mob - Was there an occurance? PM me if I'm asking a bone question - otherwise please point me to the thread!

  2. No it just died a death, ROMFTs chatroom is I believe active with many the same characters using it pop in and you'll find some familiar 'faces'.
    Put out a call for people to go into chat via a new thread when lots of slackers are on and you may get a few takers. Not me though as I'm fully booked with School Hols. :dwarf:
  3. True to an extent NZ, but it seems to die down after 23 dubs, no late late night chats with 6-10 members like there used to be on RR, although earlier in the evening there can be quite a few in the ROMFT chatroom. Normally a good craic though
  4. I've noticed that there have been people logged into the chat room recently. However, there has never been more that one person at any one time.

    Who the hell are they talking to :?:
  5. Why don't you ask them?
  6. Would love to, but normally only on RR whilst shirking at work, and my wonderful IT system doesn't allow me to do so.
  7. Saw someone in a chat room all on their own, so I decided to join them. Had a nice chat. I suggest that others try it. Go on you know you want to.
  8. Yup,the chatroom in ROMFT is usually in use of an evening,we have a new chatroom with sound emoticons.Drop by and check it out.
  9. Nah, ROMFT is proper shite but thanks anyway.
  10. Well pardon me,i dont remember inviting you any way! :D :D :D :D
  11. :D :D
  12. God no, we don't want another stoker FFS.
  13. You don't want anyone still in the mob over there Rosie, its for all the "old ones" that did 3 years 20 years ago and yet know best!
  14. Ah, that is not strictly true, you also have to be a racist homophobe as well :(
  15. Oh Dear.

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