Chatroom revival


Lantern Swinger
I've been on this site for nearly 7 months and only now have I ever realised there is a chatroom function for groups chats! And that's only because MaiBelle invited me into one.

Why does this not get used anymore?

Myself and MaiBelle have took it upon ourselves to revive this (attempt to).

All those in favour meet me and MaiBelle for a quickie in the chatrooms :eek:ccasion5:.
I cannae on me phone it doesnt show up, and not sure where my laptop is, probably buried under my clothes mountain and it'll topple if i try and look for it. Is the chat bangin'?


Lantern Swinger
The last couple of nights it's been getting used, I think newbies should try using it more, so they become more familiar with the site.
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