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Thinking of going up to visit the Historic Dockyard (amongst other things) for a couple of days. Anyone know of any decent Hotels in the area?
For a moment I thought Scouse had lost his marbles, musing on about the delights of Leeds castle.
I worried for nothing though as he soon reverted to type enthusing about horse racing (always seemed to do Ok when he followed the Pig).:blob8:
Try the King Charles in Gillingham, only a couple of miles from the Dockyard. Pembroke is now part of the University of kent but if you tell the chap on the gate you are an old matelot and want a look round they just let you amble at your own will


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Thanks Trawlerboy, went for the Premier Inn in the end, King Charles had some mixed reviews. Thanks for the tip re Pembroke.
Glad to be of some help !!! We had our reunion at the King Charles last year and whilst not the Ritz they looked after us really well, even managed to get an extra hour added to the bar as they were closing at midnight and I told the barmaid the clocks were going back so it was only 2300 (even though the clocks didnt go back till back at 0200 !!)
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