Chatham Watering Holes (Circa 1980)

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by JackProof, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Back in the day when there was six Royal Dockyards in the UK.....Chatham remains one of the better Shore Drafts during my tenure in the Mob!
    Got drafted to the Sailing Center in 1980 where constantly hungover Stokers like myself were let loose on the Medway operating craft with high powered Johnson Outboards doing James Bond turns, further down river, opposite the Command House beer garden, to impress the local gronks. We rarely used the said equipment for its intended purpose of safety boat for the hoardes of S&S sprogs from Pembroke for their sail training days in Mirror dinghy's.
    Does anyone remember the Chats Arms in the middle of a roundabout on the end of the High Street? I think at one time it had the reputation of being the Royal Navy School of Boxing. Also there was the 'A Route' pub crawl to Rochester and the 'B Route' to Gillingham. There was a lot of of pubs in that area in those days and I am trying to salvage what brain cells I have remaining, to remember them. Help me out lads! :oops:
  2. That brings back some befuddled memories, was on RSU in '81 serious amount of pissing up done in 9months. My last memory of the Command house was one minute walking out and the next looking up at the night sky cos I'd been laid out by a running punch-never found out who or why :cry:

    The Monarch in Gillingham- home of 'Black Daph 8O '
    The Victory as above

    The Dive Bars in Chatham
    The Blue bar (cant remember the name just it had blue lighting) in Chatham a Ghurka hangout
  3. The Golden Fleece, The fountain , Duchess of Edinburgh , The North Foreland, Just a few from the 1950s, these were in the High Street . The lane adjacent to Pembroke which was a short cut to Gillingham was known as the Kyber Pass.What is Chatham Dockyard today? Does the Rope Shed survive? IN my day [Which was better than anyone elses] There was the R.N. The R.M. and the Royal Engineers. I thought it a drab place and could not get my head round a Navy base with no sea front, A good run ashore though. I also had a fair old time further down the Medway at Sheerness known to Jack as Sheerwop because of the old woppidy wop wop.
  4. Thanks for the memory recall - The Medway Towns did have a reputation of being rough n' ready and that was just the local female population.
    Been to the Historic Dockyard a couple of times since: parts of it are still intact (the Clock Tower area). Waterfront pads are the norm elsewhere!
    Pembroke did get the good looking Wrns coming through training in the S&S Branch, but the food was shite because of the trainees reluctance/ inability to learn the finer side of the culinary arts. That trait would see them through their days in the Fleet. Never messed with the Gurkhas but constantly tried out my Bruce Lee moves on the Pongo's. Happy Days!
  5. We used to go to the Bootneck (owned by Les and Maureen), The Command House, the Gem (near Maidstone) and a couple that I can't remember their names - the one where the squaddies hung out behind the Bootneck, one at the end of Toronto Road in Gillingham, one up near Dargetswood Patch.

    There was also a pub near the Rochester (maybe it was Strood - brain isn't doing a great job recalling) Corn exchange that we went to on occasion.

    BQ, are you thinking of the Blue Grotto?
  6. The Van Damme Bars, I think, which used to be in the shopping centre in 1980.
    I remember a stripper/1940's singer act getting her knickers off and throwing them into the crowd. One of the lads caught them and ran around the pub with them over his head.

    The act turned out to be a transvestite.

    Oh, how we laughed.
  7. The Monarch in Gillingham- home of 'Black Daph '

    Sorry Buster don't understand Black Daph, please elaborate
  8. Streaky

    How strange for you to be in a bar where the tranny was!!

    Stena times
  9. Black Daph, of Monarch fame.
    She was reputed to be an ex-Miss Medway '54. (1854, obviously)

    Two of the stokers got off with her and went back to her place for a spit roast. One of them, or so the dit went, flopped one of her paps out in the taxi and proceeded to suck on it. He thought she must have just dropped a sprog, as she was lactating.
    It turned out that what he thought was a nipple was actually a boil, and it wasn't milk.
  10. We did think it a bit strange for a stripper to be dressed as Vera Lyn singing "There'll be Bluebirds....etc", but we thought it was just an unusual act.

    It was unusual, especially when the meat and two veg came out, and Steve was still wearing the knickers on his head!
  11. Bricklayers Arms which may still be there , the Army & Navy at the top of the hill from the Main gate which had Strippers on a Wednesday night, (I think there were two Pubs with the same name locally) & 'The Prince Of Guinea'. Not quite as rough as Pompey but I stayed away from Chatham town most of the time. I was there from about Sep 78 to Mar 79 in Refit, the Nuclear bit was still running then.
  12. Did the Army & Navy have the two Staffordshire Bull Terriers running round the bar, '79/80?
    I remember having to step over steaming piles of poo, as they were allowed to do what they wanted, when they wanted.
  13. I remember them as well, dogs and the poo
  14. I see you were looking at the gutter, was looking at the Stars (well their Chests actually), probably why my shoes smelt of dog shit.
  15. Argh now then,I remember the khyber pass.Mostly 'cos someone was always getting lifted by the regs for pissing up against the wall when no one else was looking.(It was a long walk back from gillingham with a belly full of beer and a chokey takeaway).
    Recently suffered from Post Tourist Stress after taking my grandson to the Dickens World thing.I was duty watch in Nuclear Towers the day Elvis died.
  16. a very close associate of the Maidstone Mauler i think.

    You all forgot The Two Sawyers
  17. This is brining back memories, was there in 77/78 in DED, think Conqs was in the next dock. Duty watches used to take turns to drive to Army & Navy for a few scoops before going back onboard for the next ones to go up there. Always a pussers tilly parked round the back and blokes in 8's in the back. Happy days
  18. Just down the road from the Duke of Edinburgh was a little white boozer which stood on its own: was used a lot by CONQUEROR and MOHAWK, but can't for the life of me remember its name. Two of the females were known as Huff and Puff, or the Combbined Vent and Blow - delightful ladies !!
  19. The Jolly Sailor, and The Bridge House, just up the road from the POG.

    The Bridge House was used by the actors doing the wartime scenes in the Yard (the Channel Islands Occupation series with Alfred Burke - can't recall the name at the mo')

    A lot of the pubs in Chatham & the Medway Towns, are long gone now, and those left don't have the same spirit.
    They started to die after they closed the Yard, then finally the Barracks.

    Trust me, I was a resident of Gillingham born and bred, as well as being drafted to Pembroke on an occasion or two !!
  20. Ref Chatham Watering Holes circa 1980 - I know it's an old post, but did anyone on here drink at the Army & Navy (now Churchills I think), opposite the Pentagon (or whatever it's called now!!), circa 1979 - 1981 - Scots guy ran it, Tom Whiteford???????????

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