Chatham (Nore) Command Field Gun Crew

Discussion in 'History' started by Close_up_at_the_rush, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Everyone knows about the 3 command field gun crews: Guzz (all hail) :thumright: , Pompey & the WAFU's but, very little is mentioned about Chatham.

    I am trying to get hold of info, including photos, about the Chatham crew. I am a Medway (Kent) resident & it seems that there is very little mention of Chatham's Field Gun history.

    I believe the crew colour was yellow.
    The crowd chant "Up an' at 'em Chatham!" originated with the competition. It has been adopted as HMS Chatham's motto - Serge Et Vince (Arise & Conquer).
    One of the training runs included Bluebell Hill - a main road with a reasonably steep gradient between Chatham & Maidstone.

    Any old hands with knowledge? :notworthy: Please!
  2. I think Chatham did their last Tounament in 1959.

    Semper Strenuissima
  3. You might want to see if you can get ths book on the History of the Field Gun."Guns and Guts: The story of the Field Gun Competition" by R A Wilson
  4. I'm having real problems locating this book anywhere on the web.
    I'm beginning to feel like J.R. Hartley looking for his own book on fly fishing!

    I am reading "Jack versus the Boers" for a little general background history.
  5. Did you try because that's what I got from Google.Maybe they can help you.
    or try because it lists this book as the text regarding the history of field gun.
  6. Just as an aside, I 've been scanning YouTube (worktime and bored .....!!)
    and found a little movie entitled 'British Army defends fieldgun title' :

    How long has the Army been involved in the fieldgun comp? - it also looks like they have a proper fieldgun.

    One of the other vids on the tube also has a lady sailor in the gun team ?
  7. TV series from a couple of years ago Dusty, (you were probably sunning it somewhere exotic and exciting at the time).
    Female CPTI was running for Devonport in the Brickwoods competition.
    Guzz were leading on points all the way but made a cock up in the final run and lost to the Army. Well worth watching if it's repeated.
    I think it was simply called "Field gun" but may be wrong on that.

  8. Twas part of the BBC TV series SHIPMATES. There is a book covering the series, SHIPMATES, by Christopher Terrill, ISBN 1-8441-3791-0. Costs £20, but quite a good read: covers a variety of Naval life, including CHATHAM's tsunami relief stint.
  9. No, not that one Isa. The one I watched was in several weekly parts and concentrated on the introduction to, and training of, the Guzz crew for the Brickwood's gun run, culminating in the final, which was, as stated above, won by the army. There was an excerpt from the series included in "Shipmates" which otherwise seemed to be dominated by a nutty padre who was exorcising a "spirit" from a building in Guzz dockyard.
    (I know you're both ex Dusties, so I'll forestall any ribald comments by confirming that it was not the rum store!)

  10. Answers to your queries, Whitemouse, appear to be :-
    Army first entered competition in 2002.
    The female CPTI ran in 2005 (when the army won).

  11. The nutty padre was the Rev 'Mad' Mike Brotherton.
    He spent time at Collingwood in the early 80s, went down south with Amazon & Penelope, he also did a stint in HMS Drake's 'Dungeon' coffee bar.
    At one time he had a Parka jacket & rode around on his scooter which had 'boy about town' sprayed on the side. He also owned a Jeep Wrangler at one time.
  12. Hi, my Dad was in the last filed Gun Run for Chatham in 1960 and yes he is still alive, we have some photo's but would like to track down any footage, I have tried the BBC but they have deleted it from their archives. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I can tell you Chathm's training tops were yellow. Don't think they ever got Silver, in fact pretty convinced they didn't.

    Can people stop referring to that car park shite as field gun please? Officers and splits on the track! No thanks.

    Walks away, whistling to himself. Smiling...
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  14. Crabs and pongos enter as well now :confused2:
  15. Hideous!!!
  16. Post war, the competition restarted in 1947, Chatham only won one trophy until they bowed out.
    I think it was the fastest time cup.

    I have seen footage of them training but can't remember where.

    I'll have a search when I get on my laptop.

  17. So no silver then.
  18. Yes, 1951 Fastest time cup, then last run 1960. would be great even to find training footage, 1960 is what I'm really interested in as my Dad ran.

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