Chatham Maritime Museum

Discussion in 'History' started by Canaldrifter, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Visited yesterday.

    Now that WAS interesting...seeing how it was done in the old times.
    Walls of oak... and all that.

    Unfortunately as I have walking problems I couldn't explore the sub and destroyer on display.

    But... as the entry tickets last all year... I will be back!


    Given the ex-tiff's badge of approval.
  2. Yeah, did it a few years ago CD, when I was on a cycling tour of the area.
    Kindly Mod-Plod allowed me to shackle transport to his shiny gate and kept an eye on it for me. Enjoyed all the historical dockyard bits and had a great time aboard the submarine. Guide, ex sun dodger obviously, asked for any ex RN on the tour and then used us to demonstrate to the civvies how not to do things onboard. Great stuff.
    I imagine that things have improved even more over the intervening years, and am looking forward to a repeat visit during one of my infrequent trips dahn sahf.

  3. I went to see it last year and the last time I had seen it before then was 1991. It has changed a bit in that time!
  4. I hadn't realised that the first wafoo air-station was just around the corner from Chatham, and that wafoos were originally Chatham ratings. All before my time of course..... just.
  5. Ganges Mess Reunion in Chats 2004. Great Displays

    Onyx I think


    Some old Victorian Gun Boat


    CA Destroyer Cavalier?


    Galley on O Boat two chefs cook for 60 to 70 three times a day, Health and Safety Yeah OK


    And just for you WAFFOO Types a Gannet laying around the place.


    If you are in the area worth every penny

  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The sailing ship is HMS Gannet which at one stage was the TS Mercury on the Hamble river 1914-1970 or there abouts (Chap I work with has recognised her) He was on her between the ages of 13 to 16.
  7. My new shipmate's ex served on her as a young lad too.
  8. Nutty,

    You are correct Sir, the Destroyer is 'Cavalier'. I spent a few weeks destoring her in Chatham in the late 70s, prior to what we thought was going to be a scrap run for her.

    Glad to see she has survived it all.

  9. Only just. You should have see the state she got into abandoned on the Tyne in the early 90s. Used to pass her on the yard boat going over to Hebburn when I had a proper job.....

    The sub is actually Ocelot - Onyx is currently in trouble at Birkenhead.
  10. I think she has had a pretty poor time as a museum ship, hope Chatham works out better, remeber her from my days in 27th Escort Squadron in the 60s.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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