Chatham Field Gun Crews 1951 & 1952


My late father in law, Ivor "Brigham" Young, was part of the Chatham crews in 1951 & 1952, the former having the fastest run.

I seem to recall him saying they were held at Earls Court and during one of the runs he was injured and his claim to fame is that the Queen Mother enquired as to his health when she inspected the crews afterwards!

He also took great delight in telling us that the teams slept on the top floor in the eaves and lo and behold when the Chatham crew returned after having their grub one evening, the Fleet Air Arm, who were in the next door loft room. had left their shoes outside in the corridor. Suffice it to say they were not particularly happy the next morning when they saw out what had been deposited in their shoes overnight!

I attach a photo of the certificates from 1951 & 1952 and if you look closely you will see he was a Leading Seaman in 1951 and a P.O. the following year although he was demoted subsequently on several occasions!

If anyone has any photos of those years or any info on him , please post,



Haha what a wonderful story! I am researching for my grandad, Terence/ Terry Hairsine. He was in Chatham’s last ever team in 1959 and has just passed on his jacket to me. I am so proud of his involvement and am getting the jacket framed. Unfortunately he doesn’t have his medal and so I am going to try to get a replica made. I am really struggling to find any information, never mind photos or video footage of that year.


If you let me have your email address I can send you copies of the two certificates which, other than a different year, your granddad would have received. I did try and post on this site but I seem to have trouble postin hence your email.
Mine is [email protected]

A photo of your granddad's jacket would be lovely to see.

I will be going to Chatham dockyards in the spring and to HMS Excellent in Portsmouth in the Autumn (only opens for 2 English Heritage open days), the latter I know has some Field gun photos.


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