Chatham Field Gun Crew 1953

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Tony Tyas, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Hello All
    I am very new to posting on forums so please forgive any mistakes.
    My Farther and Uncle were in the Chatham Field Gun Crew 1953 and I was wondering if there were any sailers or there son's out there that have any pictures or information.
    I have some photo's and will try to post them there is also a Pathe News film of the 53 crew in training which is good as both my farther and uncle are in that as due to injuries they were not able to do the event (not unusual I understand).
    There names were Peter Tyas (Nick ) and Raymond Suddick.
    So if anyone has pictures or stories I would like to see/hear them.

    Thank you all

    Anthony Tyas (Nick's son)

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  2. Hi Tony
    My father Les Thompson was also in the '53 crew, he has kindly offered the attached photo of the Training Squad before they were whittled down to 18.
    1953 Chatham Field Gun Crew1.jpg
    The only other name he remembers is Ken Page.

  3. Hi all,
    I was looking for some history of my dad 'George Or Terry as he was sometimes known as, with a surname of Hallums and he is 3rd from righ in the top row. Sod's law he is the only one without a clear picture. His best friend was Alan 'mucker' White. If any one has any info on my dad , please post.
  4. My dad was in the 53 crew for Chatham. His name is Colin Towe. He's immensely proud of this. He's rode the barrel across the chasm.

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