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  1. just a random question but why is it that the chatroom on here is never used?

  2. it is but not very often
  3. i see......maybe someone should arrange for a time when some people could be online to chat......dont know why.....just thought it would give that more personal touch! lol
  4. i was thinking this 2 :D
  5. hehe, well at least i wasnt the only one! well if no one arranges something soon i'll see what i standing as one can do! (probably sod all)

  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ssshh! We're all hiding... :oops:
  7. No-one has got anything sensible to say,

    Lujonsa in provocative mode
  8. was a time when the chat room was full to bursting EVERY night. so many different chats going on that if you took your eyes of the game for a few mins you lost the plot.

    now some of us sit in there alone for a while and no one comes to play any more,

    so next time your in put a post up. OI YOU LOT GETIN HERE! and see who comes to chat, I will always answer your call IF im on site!

    Catss xx
  9. i will also answer this call!
  10. I'll be there to!
  11. Me to.
  12. Count me out, saves getting banned. :w00t:
  13. right then guys...i'll put a post up soon about goin on the chat.......i'll be on it now if anyone reads this but it is quite late!

  14. Chatroom anyone?
  15. Just you Joe

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