Chat Up Lines For Opera Lovers

As stolen from 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue' (R4).

Can anybody match or beat Stephen Fry's chat up line?

"Wagner's plots can be quite complicated. Let me take you through the Ring."
Hmmm, interesting thread! Let me think about it!...still thinking...Opera sounds good!

(btw harry the last chat up line I heard was 'How do you like your eggs in the morning? Fertilised? Ahhhh! Always wondered what happened to my pub shakespeare?) xx
Stick to Britten, you know it good for you... not least cause its in ENGLISH!!!

That aside I love modern Finnish opera from Aarre Merikanto (Juha) onwards. Most are tragedies. Juha ends up walking into the rapids because of his wife's betrayal. In Aulis Sallinen's Punainen Viiva (The Red Line) it starts with discussions of the forthcoming elections (The Tsar's 1906 Referendum) where the voters must draw a red pencil line next to the option they have voted for to the end of the opera where the farmer Topi, whose children have just died of starvation, is fighting with a bear and the narrator comments that Topi is lying perfectly still with a red line across his throat. Oh and I like the Russian opera Boris Godunov composed by Mussorgsky, which of course ends with Tsar Boris having his heart attack. When it was performed at Savonlinna (I think - it was a long time ago) Boris actually fell down the stairs, and only afterwards did the audience realise it was staged and not the accident we thought it was! (Gasps from the audience - we thought he really WAS DEAD! :oops: )
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