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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by higthepig, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. why is the chat room black
  2. must be you hig its blue to me!
  3. This is a site issue and not a 'social' stint, plus check your chat settings.
  4. Dont know why,not happened before its pitch black
  5. LOL,have you tried clearing your cookies?
  6. OK how do i check chat settings if its all black
  7. Check the screen resolution your computer is set to. It should be 1024 by 768 pixels.
    - Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings.

    Delete your temporary internet files.
    - Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Files -> Delete Files

    See if that works?
  8. Done all the it was blue earlier now its black
  9. cant you see anything?
  10. Go to options and then themes and you should be able to change the background colour.

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