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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, May 11, 2006.

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  1. I dunno,the Admin staff go to all the trouble of integrating a chatroom and hardly any bugger uses it!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: Come on!For gods sake get in there and spin a few dits or just sling shit!!!Its bloody free and we wont bloody bite you!Get with the fecking programme!
    whats wrong woth you all?Im sure you can spin dits down the bloody boozer,so why not here??????????????

    Maybe the Admin Staff might like to advertise the chatroom a wee bit better?Just a thought.
  2. I gave the Chatroom a whirl this afternoon - it's fine, if a bit slow. If anybody wants to give it a go, I'd suggest you go in there and stay there a while, and open up another browser window to stay on the Forums.
  3. Good point,geoff.Ive been in all evening and only seen 3 others in there!
  4. I was in this evening and had a good chat with a couple of others, i look in there every time i log in not a lot use it,shame really could be better than some threads,perhaps it just takes time,perhaps they should say use it or loose it.
  5. If everyone is like me and types with three thumbs and a big toe, the chat rooms just might be more successful if you could do just that !

    What I mean is, most commercial chat rooms now utilise sound and simply by plugging in your microphone you can spin your dits live on air.

    If you feel really adventurous, you can even transmit a blurry little video of yourself speaking across the internet for all to see.

    Heaven forbid the chief stoker might come on in his nicks and flip flops. that would be a sight for sore eyes !
  6. I like the idea of audio/video for the chat room and recently installed a great web cam ( and this is not a sales pitch) Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 Have a look at the specs on the web. Great quality video and all sorts of gadgetry for those like me with FAETD and would be terrific for a chat room,

  7. Motion to include both sound and vision in the RR chat rooms.

    All those in favour say Aye


    All those against


    The Ayes havit....The Ayes have it

    Have I been watching too much live Parliament ....or what ?
  8. Well you got your wish Andy.......... Now your stuck with us..!!! :twisted:
  9. I went on last night and it was just me, Polaroid, Jesse and Golden Rivet, but it was late on.

    Come on lads an lasses, I need to take the pi55 and have a laugh with other RR MEMBERS.
  10. I see you in the later mate im allways in there see you later
  11. Alot seem to log in on ( mentioning no names) and then say nowt witch is a bit boring/annoying. While I know some have messenger and prefer to perv on there instead of joining in the conversation. Thouse that really annoy are the ones who log on, don't say anything but have a nice little moving emote next to their name which slows the flow of text right down ( well for me on an old computer it does anyway).

    I think we should have a system if you haven't said anything for at least 20 mintues you should be asked polietly to join in/leave or get kicked out

  12. Too true Womps! I think some members are a bit shy! :lol: The other problem is that somethimes (read: usually) the topic strays into amusing but non-controversial discussion. Some of us would fancy some cutting-edge, controversial convo sometimes... just to keep us on our (argumentative) toes! It's just too polite sometimes... I need to entice Uncle Albert in I think and get him going on walts or the problem of messdecks being overrun by gays :twisted: :oops: :idea:
  13. Cutting egde? Controversial? For goodness sake - how much more contraversial do you get than Nutty doing an OP in my wheelie bin, Andy's train fetish, Josie's puppies and the rest of the booties and their trouser cranes?
  14. I have just spent a rather enjoyable hour or so in the "Chat-Room", with Deeps, Polaroid, Rosie and Fun-Diver. Really good, and I will be back,
    Work fluck that!! 8)
  16. [email protected] Your a star rosie, now get the DPM righ on. You know what i mean!!
  17. So what do we want now? 3 Chatrooms, one for Always to talk to himself and one for the Lurkers to er just Lurk, if you want voice theres always Skype, its free and you can chat 5 at a time, but of late it is being used by more Bods, the puzzling thing is "Who Complained?"
  18. Well I log in earlier than most being an hour difference here in Spain and being a silly old sod need my beauty sleep.
    Absolutely love the banter keep it up,even adopted 2 poor young souls am their seamum,one of them ,albeit I am second in command you know who you are Basildon..
    We do not need censoring we are adult enought to do that ourselves!!
    Hasta luego
  19. Arfur_Finger is in there all alone waiting for someone to join him. I can't as the system in work doesn't allow me to. Go on someone, make his day. :lol: :lol:
  20. Wouldn't work for me, as this callsign is operated by a committee of 200 geniuses made up of savants, professors and military leaders.

    All replies are emailed to the Blackberries of those on duty for clearing before being released on the forum. It would take too long to reply in chat.


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