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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. After last nights episode in lil's should we consider having a chat room mod??

    The two obscene idiots in the chat room last night certainly caused a lot of ill feeling, and a bit of concern, especially when they started pm'ing female members with offensive, and rude comments.

  2. Were the idjits male or female BH????
  3. male - presumably
    Dong and Helmet_cheese -- names say it all really!!!!!
  4. the tw*ts, wat do people get out of doing stuff like that, it really p**ses me off when people do that kinda stuff
  5. I recommend Andym with the power to boot them out, hes a main user and I`m quite sure he would be up to the job (even tho it puts my entrance at risk)
  6. What was more worrying was the fact that they were able to write text under the guise of someone else. Eg. Morsey (bless her) had her name hyjacked by these knobbers and the text in question was wholey offensive. I hereby put myself forward as a chat room MOD although i'm not sure what i would be able to do to keep the knobbers named et al out.

  7. Personally I'm opposed to a chat room mod - we have seen enough of how power can lead to abuse and further discontent. All mods ought to have a brief to pop in whenever convenient.

    Much better for people to block the users in question, and to save the chat log and later report it to the owners if necessary.

  8. Although I wasn't in Lil's at the time (I was later), the main reason I wasn't was the number of people who were - 17. It's always difficult to keep up with that many people.

    Anyway, my point is, I know most of the main players in there and I would like to think the force of their personalities would be enough to 'eject' such undesirables.

    I am against a mod in there, but maybe a Lil's Chatroom 'Shit List' available to all who enter may help. Someone like Andym could certainly police that one. Nominations could be made for inclusion and andym ultimately decides if an individual warrants inclusion on it and by subsequent good deeds in chat, removal from it.

    I think a good ignoring due to inclusion on the shit list is enough.......

    The mods, of course, have access to PC addresses and so could inform andym if certain types change their user names too.

    Just a thought.....
  9. Mods are able, or were, to kick them out whenever they appear, what they did last night was utterly reprehensible.
  10. Agree wholeheartedly. The little shites in question were abusive to the women in the chatroom such as rosie and morsey, something i cannot abide!! Lets wait and see what happens relating to these two individuals but in the meantime i still put myself forwards, or support Andym as a MOD.


  11. You'd be better have lightning reflexes, a fist of steel wrapped in a velvet glove, a rare dry wit, a chiselled and rugged jaw-line and you'll brook no nonsense. Oh and you don't have that fcerkin big couch strapped to your back like Andy does :D
  12. :D :D :D

    Well mate, i hate to agree, even so i hope i can count on you and your trusty L42 backed up by Hoot with his favoured weopon should the need arise.

  13. hmmmmm i think we would need a mod who would be willing to find people who like to do this and how to put it "deal with them", joking apart we would need some one whos in there most of the time and a hard nut so i would recommend 2 mod's, andy m and from the sounds of it nutty_bag
  14. FFS Let all of us be Mods, think of the fun we could have. :lol:
  15. And DO NOT forget bergs, never forget that man, man of steel and has the ability to make women swoon at the turn of his head. :D :lol:
  16. I had forgot about bergs, dont tell him lol. but i do actually agree with hig, why don't we all be mods of the chatroom then when something like what has happened ever happens again the person can be thrown out and blocked permently

  17. Yes but only if the turn of your head is away from them :lol:
  18. Last night was certainly not amusing.It was unfortunate that they couldnt be ejected as nobody there had that ability.We have brought this subject up before and it seems that this time the groundswell now is to have somebody that can eject wrongdoers.It may mean we need more than 1 Chatroom Killick so there is a high possibility of there being one in the room most nights.As with all things they are open to abuse but i would recommend that a simple rule is 1 yellow card regarding their behaviour second offence then they are banned for an appropriate time period.It works on my Car club site chatroom,so should do so here.

    p.s. I dont mind giving it a bash,maybe we can do it on a kind of short term basis then swap to another Chatroom user?I just hope that we can avoid nights like last night.I'd like to take this oppertunity to thank The Matelot for his prompt action in answering my PM to him on ARRSE.
  19. i dont mind being a girlie killick!!!!!!!!! :wink:
  20. Only if i can do your Medical! :D :D :D :D

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