Charlie Boy

Prince Charles was strolling round Highgrove House gardens chatting away to his favourite Plants and Trees. He stops at his most favourite Tree and notices a Bottle at the base of the trunk. He picks it up and notices it is marked 'Genie - please rub', which unsurprisingly he does. Even more unsurprisingly out pops a Genie, who says, "Cheers Charlie boy for releasing me from that pigging bottle, you've got 2 wishes. Charlie boy being a well known Yankeephile says, "I wish you to build a Bridge across the Atlantic connecting 2 great countries and therefore bringing us together forever!". The Genie splutters "Bloody 'ell Charlie can you imagine the amount of Concrete needed to build the Footings alone, the miles and miles of Extra Extra Strong Wire Rope required to span the Atlantic, the time and manpower needed - out of the question give me your 2nd wish and make it more realistic. Charlie said "OK I want you to make Camilla the most beautiful Woman in the World"
Genie said - "You want lights on the Bridge?"