Charles likens Putin to Hitler


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If I follow the story - from the Daily Mail FFS - correctly, one of their journos was earwigging a conversation an elderly lady was in with HRH. So, a private conversation invaded by and reported by the Daily Mail. Slam dunk then.

Maybe Prince Charles didn't say any such thing - good. Maybe he say Putin is behaving a bit like the old Nazi with the comedy facial hair - also good.
I refer to my post #37 in the Ukraine thread submitted on 28/2/14

Next thing Vlad will do is to annex the Crimea once his troops are in....then he'll invade Poland..oh! ..hang on, I think thats been done before....:confused:

I said it there....
Having had the delight of Radio 4 all day, this as been reported to the point of boredom and not once has it been stated that HRH actually said the headline's words. No doubt those are the words that will have soaked back to Vlad the Proclaimer, though.

The Boss's lad simply drew a parallel for the poor woman to what she went through when NAZI Germany claimed it's "rightful" Lebensraum. No doubt that was a Heaven sent gift for the usual anti royalists and fanatical democrats.
I prefer to call Putin Vlad The Inhaler. Well, the man really has to be on something.

As for HRH The Prince of Wales, big chuck (pun intended) up for him. He should put his foot in it more often, it's great entertainment. Briefly, at least.
Because the Septics don't have the Daily Wail or soft targets who can't respond Dappers, especially when the lady involved is quoted as saying "he said something to the effect of", not verbatim what he actually said.
The bit I most enjoyed in all the coverage, although it was only mentioned once, was the comment on the Today Programme yesterday morning from the BBC's former Royal correspondent, that, given that Charlie said this in Canada in his capacity as the heir to the throne of Canada (which is consitutionally separate from the throne of the UK despite being in practice the same thing) any comeback would be a matter for the Canadian government/foreign ministry and nothing whatsoever to do with the UK...

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