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Charles Howeson Hon. Capt. R.N.


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Charles Howeson has been found guilty of indecently assaulting eight young men including one former Cleopatra rating. He is to sentenced in February 2018..
54 character references were offered in his defence including Navy Top Brass and his former Nanny, to no avail.
He is to forfeit his Honorary Captaincy but retain his Commanders' pension.


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Give him time, he's still in a state of orgasmic bliss at one of the Officer Corps being found guilty of sexual offences.


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It's been all over the local rag in Guzz for the past couple of months but if the OP can't be arsed posting a link then neither can I.


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I'm aware of the case and know it has made the Janner Journal.

54 character references were offered in his defence including Navy Top Brass

Character references are not given in defence as such. In fact given that they usually glow, they can assist the prosecution, the jury and the judge by demonstrating what a sneaky bastard the accused was.

Some of us thought Allan Grimson was a great guy.... d'oh!

He is to forfeit his Honorary Captaincy but retain his Commanders' pension.

Like it or not, he's entitled to his pension and there is unlikely to be a mechanism by which he can forfeit it.


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Allan Grimson was my watch killick and at one stage "baby sat" my two sons whilst on a sons at sea!

Just goes to show...........


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Should be forfeit while he's in prison to offset the cost of keeping him there....reinstated on his release.
Assuming that he is sent to prison. All those glowing testimonials might just save him. Some M'luds like that kind of thing despite @Seadog thinking otherwise.


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A photographers delight. Even more of him online as he is rather irresistibly lovely

You may need another hard drive to store the library of photographs of the former Commander that you're collecting. From grade 1 in his civvies, to grade 5, the worst type, in his number ones with breast pocket white hanky.


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You're not a fan of that are you? I've a joining routine photo to get done next week. I'm whitening the hanky now in preparation. Your toes are going to curl...
Use a sheet to make a mahoosive one, no guts 2 tins :)
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Guest wish to be in the tunnel with him .

Not so long as he's still practicing rather than practising the buggery bit. A few years at Her Majesty's Pleasure and he'll get the hang of it.
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