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Charles' Hole in t' wall - Gibralter

Did you tug the Boxer

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What is every ones memories of this legendary drinking hovel.

Mine is when Paz the Welsh WEM asked Charles how much the T shirts were. When told the figure he complained that the price was far too expensive and as we had put so much money behind the bar that trip that he should get a T shirt for free.
Charles's reply
"If you want it free it will be on your breakfast tray tomorrow"

Absolute classic

Paz paid for his T shirt :grin:
What about the dogs he had ............ one of them big fecking ones, a oxer I think (funy enough)used to put it's head between your legs from behind when you where standing having a tin scared the shit out of me, couldn't move for ages shipmates thought it was hilarious
(Taken from "Once Upon a Run Ashore", quite relevant for this thread)

Once Upon A Time........

End of a rather long deployment.
Killick Stoker (Gods Weapon) gets a "Dear John" it's Gibraltar, say no more.
So the animals go out, an engineers "how much beer is there?" " We''ll try and drink that", okay a couple of cooky boys as well - WHO kept the fleet alive - Stokers & Cooky's, that's who!!

Made our way to Charlies, no young uns with us, Charlie was a bit minced off as no fresh offerings,, but he had a boxer dog............................

Dear George, the Dear John, we took pity and took him out on the raz, chances of getting laid in Gib were/are pretty slim - confessions, please add here...........

So eventually after the Donkeys Flip Flop and the Skippers Lodge and a few others including McDonalds we ended up in Charlies, up the steps and stagger down left into the Matelots Paradise.battle flags, HISTORY, blushes, run aways.......

So no draft beer, only tinnies, what the fcuk, we got a round in and sat around, Charlies dog joined us and a certain Killick Stoker - George got friendly with the Boxer, stroking him, a pet on the head and kissing him.....hey he'd just been binned and we'd got him pretty well monged.
George gives up on the dog and goes round the corner for a game of pool.

Amongst us we have this absolute animal of a PO Tiff - DOUGY!! OUCH!!
The Boxer slinks over to Dougy and Dougy takes advantage of the dog's slabbering ways, gets his dick out - semi - hand on scruff of neck, and points said slobering mongrel to his member: The semi gets bigger and the dog is going down on him, with a bit of help with the hand on the scruff of the neck.
Now, us lot are looking and can't believe what we are seeing, but quite entertained at the same time, we can't actually believe that this is happening - Tiff getting blow job by dog.

Well, say no more - Dougy shoots, Boxer swallows - well done!

George comes back from losing at pool and promptly starts lip locking with the hound!!!!!

Nearly puked, been a waste of beer though!!

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